Granville Eliminates Medical Marijuana Clause

OHIO:  The Granville Village Council decided Wednesday night to make its medical marijuana law consistent with the state’s prohibition of the substance but balked at a mandatory driver’s license suspension for those caught with it.

Council members voted 6-1 to omit a clause from village ordinances that read, “It is an affirmative defense to a charge of possessing marihuana (sic) under this section that the offender, pursuant to the prior written recommendation of a licensed physician, possessed the marihuana solely for medicinal purposes.”

However, council members voted 7-0 for an amendment to keep the ordinance as it is in regard to suspension of a driver’s license for people caught with marijuana.

Village staff members had recommended changing the word “may” to “shall,” which would have required judges to issue a license suspension of between six months and five years for the offense. This, according to staff, would make the village code consistent with state law and reflect what mayors and magistrates already do with such cases.