Washington Gov Inslee Issues Executive Order Changing How State Will Regulate Vaping Industry

WASHINGTON: Gov. Jay Inslee announced an executive order at a Seattle press conference Friday that changes how agencies will regulate, monitor, and communicate about a variety of vaping products. Other state leaders, including Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Washington State Department of Health Secretary John Wiesman, joined him at the event.

“We aren’t waiting for Big Tobacco to tell us what is in their products,” Inslee said. “We aren’t going to take health guidance from them, because we know that their goals are to make money and create new customers. That is what they are interested in. We are interested in ensuring that adults and young people have known and regulated ingredients in vaping products. Everyone deserves to know what is in the vaping liquid they are inhaling into their lungs.”

The announcement comes after medical professionals reported seven cases of severe lung illness in Washington from vaping devices or e-cigarette products. The Center for Disease Control has reported at least 12 deaths nationwide, as well as more than 800 cases of lung injury possibly related to these products.

Read the rest of the story on the governor’s Medium page.

Overhaul Of Marijuana Taxation Goes To Washington Governor

WASHINGTON:  Recreational marijuana buyers would pay a flat 37 percent pot tax, plus sales tax, under a proposal headed to the desk of Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

The measure easily cleared the state Senate Saturday after passing the House Friday. It would eliminate the three-tier tax system approved by Washington voters in 2012. Instead, consumers would pay a single tax at the point of sale.

The measure would also ban marijuana use in a public place and ban marijuana clubs. And it would change the name of the Liquor Control Board to the Liquor and Cannabis Board.


Tribes, Washington State Open Door To Cooperate On Legal Marijuana

WASHINGTON:  There’s a process in place now for Indian tribes and the state of Washington to jointly regulate marijuana should any tribes choose to legalize and sell it.

Tribes don’t need a state’s permission to get into the pot business, but in Washington State both sides agreed it’s best to coordinate.

State Sen. Ann Rivers says she discovered some tribes are very interested and others not at all in growing or selling marijuana. Rivers stood beside Governor Jay Inslee Friday as he signed a bill allowing his office to enter into agreements with tribes about marijuana.


Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Bill; Deal On Recreational Pot Is Elusive

WASHINGTON: Gov. Jay Inslee signed medical-marijuana regulations Friday, perhaps the most significant lawmaking in the Legislature’s 103 days of work.

But agreement on collection and spending of marijuana taxes eluded legislators at they moved toward adjournment, and will probably have to wait for the special session that begins next week.

A proposal under consideration would direct proceeds from pot taxes to an array of state programs and share a sliver with cities and counties that have licensed sellers. But local governments willing to forgo the money would be under no obligation to allow the businesses.

Crackdown To Follow ‘Historic’ Medical Marijuana Law

WASHIGNTON:  A historic new law is expected to be signed by Governor Jay Inslee that will put medical marijuana under tighter state regulations similar to recreational marijuana.

Many believe the law will thin the number of store fronts that have opened because of a new license requirement regulated by the state Liquor Control Board.

The LCB is expected to announce sometime this year the number of licenses that will be issued to medical marijuana dispensaries. Businesses must have opened before July 2013 to qualify. However the LCB will have discretion over who gets priority beyond that.

“This had to happen,” said John Davis, CEO of the Northwest Patient Resource Network and owner of a medical marijuana shop in Seattle.