Georgia To Issue First Medical Marijuana Cards Tuesday

GEORGIA:  Gov. Nathan Deal told Channel 2’s Lori Geary, “Tomorrow is going to be a good day,” in an exclusive interview about the launch of Georgia’s medical marijuana cards.

Geary learned the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website will go live Tuesday morning.

An emotional Deal says parents of kids with severe seizure disorders were the driving force for him signing the bill into law.


Georgia Families Risk Fines In Resupplying Medical Marijuana

GEORGIA:  Patients who need cannabis oil for medical treatment say they will face risks and hurdles even after medical marijuana becomes legal in Georgia on Thursday.

Gov. Nathan Deal will sign a law making possession of up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil legal in Georgia. But patients needing the oil still have to go out of state to get it, because it remains illegal to produce at home.

That means families have to travel out-of-state to get the oil, and it is unclear whether the federal government will tolerate that.

Governor Supporting New Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana

GEORGIA:  Channel 2 Action News has learned Gov. Nathan Deal is supporting state Rep. Allen Peake‘s plan to decriminalize medical marijuana in Georgia.
Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary talked exclusively with the governor Friday about the new bill that would mean big relief to families with children who suffer from seizure disorders. 
Deal told Geary he supports Peake’s efforts to offer immunity from prosecution for the families in those states who want to return home to Georgia with the medicine.
At least 17 Georgia parents who have kids with severe seizure disorders are in Colorado giving their kids cannabis oil, which doesn’t get you high.

Medical Marijuana Changes On Tap Today

GEORGIA:  Gov. Nathan Deal’s staff has quietly worked on a plan to allow the limited use of medical marijuana since lawmakers scuttled a legislative push to do so last month. He is ready to unveil that proposal later today.

Deal will hold a press conference this afternoon to outline his plan that could allow some families to use a form of cannabis oil to treat debilitating seizures. He also will discuss a separate idea to create a pilot program to start privatizing the foster care system.

Both are part of a larger strategy of taking executive action where lawmakers failed. It’s led to criticism from political rivals and questions from legal experts about whether the governor is overstepping his authority. But Deal’s camp sees advantages to taking this route.