FBI Approves Illinois Marijuana Business Background Checks

ILLINOIS:  Illinois officials say the FBI has approved the use of its criminal history records for out-of-state and federal background checks of medical marijuana business owners.

Two state licensing agencies announced the FBI approval Tuesday.

The Associated Press first reported last week that Gov. Bruce Rauner had awarded the marijuana business licenses before out-of-state criminal background checks could be performed. At the time, the Illinois State Police were still waiting for the FBI to approve access to its database.

Illinois officials said Tuesday they’ll make sure the criminal background checks are conducted prior to the initial operation of any marijuana farm or retail shop.

Rauner Announces Who Can Grow And Sell Medical Marijuana In Illinois

ILLINOIS:  The marijuana seeds can soon be planted.

In a move that surprised advocates of the medical marijuana program, Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration on Monday announced it would issue most of the coveted licenses to grow and sell the medical product.

The move came amid fears Rauner would take months to determine who should be awarded the new state licenses.

Patients and medical marijuana advocates lauded the governor for taking swift action on the licenses, allowing the medical marijuana program to gain momentum.