Scientists Fear Legalization Will Lead To GMO Marijuana

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  A team of researchers at Phylos Bioscience launched the Cannabis Evolution Project last year in an effort to map the genetic structure of marijuana, effectively protecting the biodiversity of cannabis from corporate interests, such as Monsanto, which might be tempted to capitalize on legal weed by securing exclusive patents on select strains.

For years it has been rumored that Monsanto, a multinational agrochemical corporation, was developing genetically modified cannabis in advance of federal legalization.

Supposedly stowed away in secret labs around the U.S., these marijuana GMOs would threaten the diversity of marijuana agriculture and put the company in a position to profit wildly once the government gave its final approval. It is clear according to varying reports, that it is only speculation,denied by Monsanto, but that hasn’t stopped some scientists from taking preemptive action to prevent it from becoming a reality.