School Board Tells Gig Harbor WA It Does Not Want Retail Marijuana

WASHINGTON:  The Peninsula School District Board of Directors will present an official resolution to the Gig Harbor City Council, asking the council to consider additional restrictions, including an outright ban, on retail marijuana in city limits.

The board approved the official language of the resolution unanimously. A six-month moratorium on retail marijuana was passed by the city council April 14. The city council will hold a public hearing on the moratorium at its June 9 meeting.

A public records request by the Gateway reveals that six feedback emails were sent regarding the resolution. All six emails opposed passage of the resolution, many of them mentioning that Initiative 502 passed 54 percent to 45 percent in Gig Harbor.

Board President Harlan Gallinger claims that the of the six emails, only one comes directly from a community member. The other five are linked to business interests and a former student, under the legal age limit for retail marijuana.

“The argument here is not about marijuana,” one letter reads. “It’s about the overreach of authority, the overrule of the majority of the public and the setting of a very dangerous precedent that will lead us down a very slippery slope.”