New Jersey School Won’t Let A Girl With Epilepsy Take Medical Marijuana

NEW JERSEY:  A school in New Jersey won’t allow a 16-year-old girl with epilepsy and autism to take medical marijuana, even if it helps reduce the seizures she experiences through the day.

“She could have Valium or oxycodone, but not medical marijuana,” her father, Roger Barbour, told “Other children can take their medicine. My daughter cannot.”

Since August, Genny Barbour has been taking three doses of cannabis oil throughout the day: in the morning, after school and before bed. Her mother and father say it’s transformed her life in ways that other medications — and brain surgery — couldn’t.

Genny’s doctor also recommended she take a fourth dose, during the school day. Although medical marijuana is legal for children in New Jersey, the Larc School — the private institution she attends in South Jersey’s Maple Shade School District — won’t allow it since marijuana is still illegal under federal law.