Holistic Healers Applaud Move To Make Charlotte’s Web Pot Available

FLORIDA:  When Mirabai Cardullo’s husband, Chris Cardullo, was battling kidney cancer that had spread to his liver, she searched for ways to relieve his pain – and looked to cannabis for answers.

“I tried to get him (medical) marijuana before he passed. I didn’t want him to be in pain and I tried to inquire about it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available,’’ the 53-year-old alternative healer said.

“I wanted to help increase his appetite to keep him well nourished. If he had some medical marijuana, he could have had more cravings. It would have helped, ” Cardullo said.

Cardullo was among the alternative medicine practitioners attending last weekend’s Gainesville Holistic Health Fair who applauded a judge’s ruling that is expected to make it easier for Floridians to get access to the so-called Charlotte’s Web form of medical pot.