Freedom Leaf Launches FLI Agency: Inks Los Marijuanos

NEVADA: Clifford J. Perry, CEO and Co-Founder of Freedom Leaf, announced today that the company has launched the FLI Agency, a full service marketing and talent agency and has signed the popular band, Los Marijuanos, which it calls the “House Band of the Marijuana Legalization Movement”.™

The new agency, a wholly owned division of Freedom Leaf, Inc., will be headed by Charles Mui, FRLF’s VP of Marketing. Charles owned and operated a successful marketing and creative agency for over a decade and brought his book of business and expertise to drive revenue to the freedom leaf family of products and services. The FLI Agency is developing a marketing program for Los Marijuanos merchandise at, as well as business management and booking for the popular band. For booking or merchandising inquiries about Los Marijuanos contact:

Perry added, “I am very pleased and excited to have signed Rafael Ochoa a/k/a/ Pony Boy to the Freedom Leaf Family. Pony Boy has been a dedicated marijuana and hemp advocate for decades after meeting and inspired by the famous Hemp Advocate Jack Herer, who wrote The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Pony Boy, and Los Marijuanos, are a strong social media influencer with over 1.5 million followers. FRLF’s commitment to Los Marijuanos is also a part of Freedom Leaf’s growing involvement in the huge Hispanic market and our media partnership with the largest Hispanic website headquartered in Spain La Marihuana. Freedom Leaf’s Spanish licensee, Freedom Leaf Iberia, is prominently represented in the Spanish music scene.”

Los Marijuanos was formed in Chicago IL. The members are a revolving trio with front man Pony Boy as the anchor to the group. The group quickly became an attraction in the Hispanic, hip hop and marijuana advocate communities. Los Marijuanos made a name for themselves performing at lowrider shows, hemp legalization rallies and festivals. The group released their first album Puro Pleito/Pure Drama on Sept, 24, 1999.

After the success of Pure Drama, Los Marijuanos released their 2001 follow up entitled “The Smoke Out”. Once again Los Marijuanos satisfied their audience with tales of all things green. With appearances by Chicago artists Psycho Drama, Triple Darkness, Disco & Vibe and nationally syndicated radio host Mancow Muller “The Smoke Out” became an instant hit.

Los Marijuanos are modern Day Hemp Freedom Fighters. Preaching the legalization vibe everywhere they go! Their music can be defined as “good get high music” by their legions of fans worldwide. Their music is for the patients, the growers, the care givers, hemp believers, smokers and the tokers as well as the weed sellers all over the world.

FLI Agency will be handling the creative development of new materials for Pony Boy and Los Marijuanos. With the graphic design, video production and marketing resources at FLI Agency Freedom Leaf Inc. will be focusing on attracting more artist to further its influence within cannabis culture.

Freedom Leaf Announces New Medical Advisory Board Members

NEVADA: Clifford J. Perry, CEO of Freedom Leaf, Inc.,  “The Marijuana Legalization Company, has announced that Dr. Robert Melamede, Ph.D. and Dr. David J. Barton, MD are joining the company’s new medical advisory board.

Dr. Robert Melamede has a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry from the City University of New York. He retired as Chairman of the Biology Department at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in 2005, where he taught and researched cannabinoids, cancer, and DNA repair. Dr. Melamede is recognized as a leading authority on the therapeutic uses of cannabis, and has authored or co-authored dozens of papers on a wide variety of scientific subjects. Dr. Melamede, along with Richard C. Cowan, FRLF Chairman, co-founded Cannabis Science, Inc., the second publicly traded company in the cannabis sector, and he served as its CEO from 2008 to 2014.

Cowan said, “It is wonderful to have my old friend, ‘Dr. Bob,’ as he is known to so many admirers around the world, join us as we move forward.”

Dr. David J. Barton, MD is a clinician in Pain Medicine and a Medical Political Activist. He has been a physician for over 32 years. He is fellowship trained in Pain Medicine, and became board certified in Pain Medicine by the American Board of Pain Medicine in 2005. Past board certifications include General Surgery (1992) and Plastic Surgery (1995). Dr. Barton is a lifetime member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Present member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the American Telemedicine Association, the International Cannabinoid Research Society, and the Hawaii Medical Association.

Dr. David J Barton served in the United States Army Reserve, General Surgeon, Medical Corp Officer, Major, 1990-1999, with temporary active duty in Desert Storm. Current volunteer Chief Medical Officer of Malama First, LLC; A non-profit organization for the enhancement of healthcare and well-being in Native Hawaiians.

“Freedom Leaf is honored to have these two distinguished scientists become the first members of our new Medical Advisory Board, as we explore the new opportunities for Freedom Leaf, Inc. to develop therapeutic and nutraceutical cannabis and hemp products in the US and internationally with our foreign licensees,” commented CEO Cliff Perry, adding, “Freedom Leaf, Inc. headquarters are in Las Vegas, where marijuana is now fully legal following the Nevada victory in the recent recreational initiative. With 8 states approving either medical or recreational or both on November 8th, there are now even more opportunities in other states that now either have medical and/or recreational marijuana laws or both. Internationally in Europe, Central and South America as well as Australia and Canada, we are seeing major accomplishments in the legality of marijuana which will create even more deal flow and revenue for Freedom Leaf, Inc. and our stockholders.”

Freedom Leaf Inc. Develops Incubator /Accelerator For Cannabis Sector Startups

NEVADA: Freedom Leaf, Inc.  a budding publishing & multimedia company in the rapidly growing medical/recreational Marijuana & Industrial Hemp industry has set up a financial services division that will include an Incubator/Accelerator to assist companies in the legal Cannabis/Hemp Industry. It will not only work at incubating new companies but it will also seek companies to acquire to add to the growth and reach of Freedom Leaf, Inc., a fully reporting and audited public company.

Jon Doukas a principal investor in the Cannabis space had this to say: “Freedom Leaf is uniquely positioned in its role as a leading trade publication to source out those newly emerging start-ups and together with Blue Moon Consortium to incubate the best and the most promising in the cannabis space.“

Last week, Freedom Leaf, Inc., entered into a Mutual Letter of Understanding to acquire a legacy specialty apparel company,

Freedom Leaf CEO, Cliff Perry stated, “The addition of the Hippo-Tees brand and founder, Jeffrey Axelrod’s 46 years of merchandising experience under the Freedom Leaf umbrella fills a necessary purpose for promotions, branding and marketing. Mr. Axelrod has the experience to not only manage the T-Shirt line but any product lines that are required to fulfill our clients and Freedom Leaf’s needs. In specialty merchandising, T-Shirts, Polos and Sport shirts represent $5 billion in sales, far surpassing any other category.”