Nip Dangerous Hash Oil Production In The Bud

Hash oil explosions have become common enough in the United States that FEMA has issued warnings about its dangers in apartments and hotel rooms

WASHINGTON:  If you think you’re hearing more and more about hash oil explosions, it’s not your imagination. Explosions typically happen when amateurs try to make hash oil — a concentrated form of marijuana that can be inhaled or used in edibles — by using a highly flammable solvent such as butane or propane gas or Read the full article…

The Marijuana Industry's Latest 'It Product': 'Dabs'

The July 2013 cover of High Times featured dabs, a concentrated form of marijuana

CALIFORNIA: It’s become a daily occurrence. Customers visit Hugs Alternative Care, a medical-marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Calif., and ask for “dabs.” They are referring to butane hash oil, an especially potent form of marijuana, also known as “honey,” “honey oil,” “wax” or “earwax” because of its sticky, amber-colored appearance.