Stoner Icon Says Hemp Oil To Blame For Tumor

CALIFORNIA: Funnyman and stoner icon Tommy Chong is undergoing surgery to remove a tumour in his rectum in the hope it will end his painful battle with cancer.

The marijuana activist checked into the hospital in Los Angeles on Thursday shortly after appearing on US news show Access Hollywood Live, where he revealed he’s desperate to close out his longtime health issues.

Chong won his battle with prostate cancer in 2012, insisting pot suppositories were a miracle cure, but earlier this year the comedian was diagnosed with rectal cancer – and he believes the hemp oil he used to beat his first cancer may be the cause of his latest crisis.

“When you go into your orifice you’ve got to clinically know what you’re doing with it. I put suppositories up there and I don’t know how they did the oil and so on, and so now I found a laboratory where they test and they make sure that the oil that they give you to inject and everything else is pharmaceutically correct, it’s pure.

All Of These CEOs Have Admitted To Smoking Marijuana

Earlier this month, at the second Republican presidential debate, former Florida governor Jeb Bush admitted to smoking marijuana “40 years ago.” For those who remember former candidate Bill Clinton’s tortured claim that he had smoked pot but never inhaled, it’s a sign of how much the times have changed.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 23 states. In Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia, you can legally toke up for purely recreational purposes. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, arrests for simple possession are on the rise, but otherwise, the drug has never been more mainstream.

Many current and former CEOs have come out in favor of either decriminalization or legalization. Microsoft’s Bill Gates and John Mackey of Whole Foods have both gone on the record to support legalization, and across the pond, Sir Richard Branson went so far as to say that given the opportunity to do so legally, he “would invest” in the marijuana industry.

Paul Michael Glaser Beyond Starksy & Hutch

CALIFORNIA: BACK in the 1970s the highlight of Saturday nights was Starsky & Hutch, two undercover cops bent on cleaning up crime in California. Starsky was all dark curly hair and sparkling blue eyes and wisecracks. Hutch was tall and blond and cerebral. Through 93 episodes, from 1975 to 1979, they ignored police procedure to crash through cardboard boxes in their red Ford Gran Torino, engage in shootouts, have romantic interludes that always failed to break up the bromance and touch each other just slightly too often. [Read more…]