With Holder In The Lead, Sentencing Reform Gains Momentum

“There have been a lot of unintended consequences. There’s been a decimation of certain communities, in particular communities of color.”

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Sit down with the attorney general to ask him about his priorities, as NPR did earlier this year, and he’ll talk about voting rights and national security. But if you listen a bit longer, Eric Holder gets to this: “I think there are too many people in jail for too long and for not Read the full article…

Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Will legalization end the black market?

TENNESSEE: Marijuana should be decriminalized and fully legalized. I am almost 25 years old and have grown up my whole life being told that marijuana is a powerful and dangerous substance that only lesser, weaker, criminal people use. It is only recently that I was able to look at the facts objectively and see if what Read the full article…

Should Pot Be Legal?

Jim Hill looks over the marijuana he grows for medical purposes at his farm in Potter Valley, Calif.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: America’s 40-year crawl toward legalization of marijuana is picking up speed. Twenty-six states have taken steps toward legalization, some quite bold. Just last week, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper made one of the biggest moves yet, signing a package of bills addressing how marijuana will be grown, sold, taxed, and used.

Partnership For A Drug-Free America Has Moment of Clarity: Concedes Marijuana War Is Lost

Partnership for A Drug-Free America

The Partnership for A Drug-Free America — a government-funded Drug War advocacy group — is backing away from supporting the arrest of 800,000 Americans every year for marijuana.