Arizona Girl First To Use Cannabis Oil At Summer Camp…Legally

ARIZONA:  Camp Candlelight in Prescott, Arizona, is no ordinary summer camp, not because of its activities but because of a condition all its attendees share: epilepsy.

But now the special summer retreat, sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona, is going to stand out even more, as one of its campers became the first child to openly use cannabis oil during her stay, reports The Arizona Republic.

Mercedes Gonzalez, an 11-year-old from Mesa, Arizona, began suffering from epilepsy at the tender age of 3, but thanks to a high-CBD strain of medical marijuana, the frequency of her seizures reduced so much she was able to attend summer camp for the first time this year.

The camp recruited volunteer Stephanie Powell from the nearby Harvest of Tempe dispensary to provide Mercedes with the proper dosages of medical marijuana and monitor her.