Dr. Ethan Russo Joins Endocanna Health’s Newly Created Science Board As Chairman

CALIFORNIA: Endocanna Health, a research and development biotechnology company specializing in endocannabinoid DNA testing and precision cannabinoid formulations, announced today Dr. Ethan Russo, world renowned cannabinoid research contributor, has joined Endocanna Health’s Scientific Board (“Science Board” or the “Board”) as Chairman to lead the Board in clinical research both internally and with external partners.

“We are honored to have Dr. Russo as a part of the EndoCanna team and to have him lead our pursuit of validated scientific research and clinical trials,” said Len May, CEO and Co-Founder of Endocanna Health. “This is a crucial new addition for our Company, and our ongoing research into genomics and cannabinoids will continue the enhancement of our endo-compatibility product matching.”

Dr. Russo previously authored the most referenced cannabinoid study on PubMed pertaining to the entourage effect and has propelled cannabinoid research through clinical studies. Dr. Russo’s background makes him an ideal addition to the Board as he is a board-certified neurologist, psychopharmacology researcher, and former Senior Medical Advisor to GW Pharmaceuticals wherein he served as a consultant for three Phase III clinical trials of Sativex, a whole plant medicinal cannabis extract indicated for the relief of multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms and the treatment of severe neuropathic-related cancer pain.

Prior to his work with GW Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Russo was a clinical neurologist in Missoula, Montana, for 20 years in a practice with a strong chronic pain component. In 1995, he pursued a three-month sabbatical doing ethnobotanical research with the Machiguenga people in Parque Nacional del Manu, Peru.

“I am pleased to be associated with Endocanna Health and the promise that future research will elucidate the relationships between the endocannabinoid system and the human genome,” said Ethan Russo, MD, Founder of CReDO Science and Chairman of EndoCanna Health’s Science Board. “This kind of investigation portends to offer great contributions to improved health and quality of life.”

The Endocanna Health Science Board was established earlier this year. Dr. Russo joins Dr. Christopher Spooner, ND, Dr. Michael Tegan, and Len May, CEO of Endocanna Health, top researchers and advocates in the field of cannabinoids and genomics. Endocanna Health has put an emphasis on investing in credible cannabinoid science and research that positions the Company as a credible partner that adds significant value to new and ongoing research initiatives in genomics and cannabinoid science.

The Board seeks to formalize the process that Endocanna Health currently employs for vetting endocannabinoid, cannabinoid and genomics research to produce the Endo·Decoded consumer report and endo-compatibility product matching. The Board aims to do this by taking a deep look at the integral role of plant medicine in modern therapeutics as they pertain to genomics then evaluating and recommending current and future research in cannabinoids and phytomedicine Endocanna should be involved with, then by initiating research that investigates the link between genotypes, cannabinoids and personalized endo-compatibility.

New DNA Test Determines Cannabis Compatibility

Endocanna Health Creates New Paradigm of Personalized Medicine Connecting Human DNA with Cannabis Genetic Profiles

CALIFORNIA: Endocanna Health this week launches its Cannabinoid DNA Variant Test”  — billed as the most comprehensive personalized cannabis DNA test available on the market today. Developed by a team of renowned scientists at Endocanna Heath, a biotechnology research company, this direct-to-consumer DNA test kit, analyzes an individual’s DNA markers and provides science backed recommendations based on their specific DNA in a way no other test has been able to do before.

Until now, there was no comprehensive way to test one’s unique DNA and align it with the latest research to predict how humans may respond to cannabis. For example, some individuals with a specific variant in the gene CYP2C9 may not metabolize THC well and should be cautious about consuming edible products. The test also screens for genetic variants linked to the tendency to experience greater levels of anxiety, drug dependence, and a host of other traits. Therefore, this test allows people to have positive outcomes, helps individuals demystify their cannabis experiences, and further establishes cannabis as a viable solution to alleviate health and wellness issues.

Endocanna HealthEndocanna Health utilizes a patent pending algorithm and process to develop its Cannabinoid DNA Variant Report™. DNA for the test is obtained through either a simple saliva swab or existing genetic data from popular DNA testing services like Ancestry, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA or MyHeritageDNA. Consumers can then use their personalized reports to discover the right products for their specific genetics with product suggestions from Endocanna Heath, providing a full spectrum experience.

“Our goal in establishing Endocanna Health is simple,” says Len May, Endocanna Health co-founder and CEO, “to provide individuals with the tools and confidence to incorporate cannabis into their lives using the most up-to-date research available today. Information that is accurate, but most importantly personal and unique to an individual’s DNA. The goal of our reports is to help people identify which products may help them, and try to give them the best possible outcomes with cannabis. We are gratified to help the millions of people who use cannabis or who may want to begin using cannabis make the most informed decisions when it comes to using the plant.”