Polling by UC Berkeley Shows Nearly 2:1 Voting Support Passing Proposition 64 in California

CALIFORNIA: Polling by UC Berkeley recently showed near two-to-one (2:1) support in the state of California for Proposition 64 passing. Cannabis Science is moving full-steam ahead to expand their product line, increasing the new products for launch. The Company has shored up the infrastructure to handle distribution capabilities to large client base.

9 More States looking to Vote Yes to Legalizing or Medicinal Usage

Voters in five states — California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada — will decide whether to fully legalize and regulate marijuana. They would join Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon, states that already allow using marijuana for recreational purposes. Voters in another four states — Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas — will decide whether to approve marijuana for medical use. They’d join the list of 25 states and the District of Columbia that have approved medical marijuana.

How Much Money Would Legal Marijuana Bring Ohio?

By Anne Saker

OHIO: Just how much money will Ohio rake in should voters approve Issue 3?  Right now, friends, the best I can find is some educated guesses because no one has implemented a limited-grow model for legal marijuana, as Issue 3 would establish. But the guesses do contain the word billion:

$2.26 billion: Total of retail sales of legal marijuana and marijuana products in 2020. This number comes from a task force assembled by the private investor group ResponsibleOhio, which drafted the proposed constitutional amendment that now is Issue 3. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters led the task force.

The task force report also estimated the 10 farms growing the commercial crop would make $1.1 billion in 2020, and the processors – the middle men – would pull in $726,760,994. The numbers were vetted by the Cleveland economic analysis firm of Burke Rosen.

Hallandale Beach Florida Has Approved Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

FLORIDA: Hallandale Lawmakers have unanimously passed a bill for marijuana decriminalization.  Miami- Dade started the trend with Miami Beach, Key West and now Hallandale Beach has followed suit.

Police will have the option to fine individuals $100 if caught with a 20 grams or less of marijuana instead of jail time.

Florida cities are steaming ahead towards legalizing medical marijuana in 2016

Who’s Legalizing Marijuana In U.S.?

By Brianna Gurciullo, Karen Mawdsley and Katie Campbell, News21

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Advocacy groups have poured millions of dollars into legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana in states across the country.

One of the most powerful and influential groups — Washington, D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project – was behind successful recreational measures in Alaska and Colorado, two of four states that now allow recreational use. MPP organizers hope to replicate those efforts in five other states during the 2016 elections, an undertaking they say will — if successful — prove significant for the effort to end marijuana prohibition.

One of them, Arizona, is a state that conservative icon Barry Goldwater called home. It frequently makes national headlines for controversial measures on immigration and gay rights.

Voters passed the state’s medical marijuana program by the barest of margins in 2010.