How A Canadian Company Hopes To Smoke The Edible Marijuana Market

CANADA:  To most of America, the Incredibles are a suburban family of superheroes dressed in matching cherry red bodysuits, the stars of an acclaimed animated film about to be sequeled. To “bud tenders” and their customers in Colorado, however, “incredibles” are THC-infused “Gum e’s” and chocolate bars with names like Peanut Budda Buddha and Mile High Mint. And for any company entering the edible marijuana market in that state, they will be the super-tough competition to beat.

Bob Eschino, founding partner at incredibles (graphic emphasis on “edibles” in the logo), says his staff has been building its presence in Denver for five years. He has been told by many of the nearly 800 dispensaries that carry his product line that it’s the top seller in their stores, and his Affogato chocolate bar recently took the Silver in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2015 edibles category. Despite all of this, Eschino says, “It’s taken us five years to get to where we are and there are still issues.”

“What do I say to new companies entering the edibles market?” he asks, “What I say is, good luck.”