Homegrown: Plant That Bell And Let It Ring

Homegrown is all right with me.

By Dr. Rick Freeman Homegrown is alright with me Homegrown is the way it should be Home grown is a good thing Plant that bell and let it ring.               Neil Young, “Homegrown,” American Stars and Bars, 1977 Neil Young has written some classic songs about marijuana, and he’s been “rocking in the free Read the full article…

Dr. Rick Freeman: Getting it Together

Farmer Tom Lauerman

By Dr. Rick Freeman For family farmers, 1988 was a tough year.  Stuck between cut-throat competition from Big Ag and the devastation of a Big Drought, many small-scale farmers dropped out.  But, not all of them.  That was the year that seven bedraggled, small-scale organic farmers in southwest Wisconsin formed the Coulee Region Organic Produce Read the full article…

Growing Sustainable Profits With Cannabis

Sustainable growing can reduce costs in the long-term and 

short-term, grow the kindest quality product, and sustain and preserve health in our own living 

environment. It benefits the growers, the consumers, and pretty much everyone else.

Dr. Richard Freeman, Ph.D. We’re hearing the word “sustainable” a lot these days. It’s coming from activists and journalists, from politicians and the marketing agents, writers, anyone in public life. I hear it talking with friends. Sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, and sustainable living – I certainly use the word, myself. So, when I use the Read the full article…