San Francisco Researchers Want To Pay You $560 To Vape Cannabis 30 Times

CALIFORNIA:  …There’s a slight catch, of course. Researchers at San Francisco General Hospital want to determine whether cannabis can help treat pain associated with sickle-cell disease, a hereditary blood disorder that can cause a number of health problems including severe infections, stroke, and bouts of severe pain. Naturally, in order to conduct this study, test patients are needed, so the hospital’s oncologist, Dr. Donald Abrams, and his research team are seeking eligible applicants to participate for the good of science. Yeah, science!

Selected test subjects will visit SF General’s clinical research center two separate times, with each visit lasting five days. During their stay, they will inhale cannabis three times a day using a Volcano vaporizer and log any effects they experience and whether they impact their level of pain.

To be considered eligible for the study, applicants must adhere to the following guidelines: