Pharmacist Launches New CBD Company, Honest Herbal; Takes Top Honors in DOPE Competition

COLORADO: Kristy Redmon, Honest Herbal president, founder and a registered pharmacist, announced that the company is the recipient of two DOPE Cup Colorado awards. The full-spectrum CBD hemp company placed first in the Best CBD Edible category for its capsules and took second place for Best Transdermal Cream.

“We were thrilled to have our products recognized in the DOPE Cup competition,” said Redmon. “As a new company, we had no idea what to expect. To have won a first and second place was an honor and an affirmation to our philosophy of providing consistent, fully tested and trustworthy CBD hemp products.” The awards are especially impressive as they come just a few months after Honest Herbal’s official launch.

All of Honest Herbal’s products are pharmacist formulated from cannabinoid rich industrial hemp, making them legal in all 50 states. Honest Herbal’s in-house breeding program has produced strains of CBD flower that are high in CBD yet low in THC. The results are products with all the beneficial health and wellness properties, yet without the psychoactive elements inherent in cannabis, with which most people are familiar.

Honest Herbal offers CBD Hemp Oil Capsules available in strengths of 12.5mg. and 25mg. For pets or those who prefer a liquid form, Honest Herbal offers a 30ml CBD Hemp Extract, complete with a calibrated dropper for accurate dosing.

Honest Herbal’s CBD Muscle & Joint Cream is a transdermal formulation that is easily and quickly absorbed through the skin and is one of the most potent CBD topicals in the industry. Consumers can also take advantage of the company’s luxurious and nourishing CBD Infused Hand and Body Lotion that can be used every day.

Honest Herbal grows, processes, and produces its entire product line giving the company the unique ability to ensure the quality of its products from their inception all the way to store shelves. Wholesaler inquiries are now being accepted on the company website.


DOPE Cup 2017: Combatting the Myth of Flawed Cannabis Cup Judging

WASHINGTON: Cannabis cup judging – it’s been under scrutiny for years. The myth of a group of unqualified stoner judges sitting around, smoking strain after strain from a bong, persists to this day. Enter DOPE Magazine, a lifestyle publication dedicated to elevating every aspect of the cannabis industry. Chief Brand Officer of DOPE Magazine, James Zachodni, explains, “our mission in defending the plant everywhere includes not only covering the most relevant stories in cannabis but extends to defending the integrity of the entire cannabis ecosystem. Accuracy and quality of cannabis cup rankings fits into that.”

Six years ago, DOPE saw the need for a cannabis cup that mirrored the integrity and professionalism of the growing market. Now, The DOPE Cup is one of the most respected cannabis competitions in the country. Through a highly transparent and technical judging process, DOPE has moved past the era of unqualified, subjective judging. By maintaining a controlled 502 testing base across the board, as well as implementing objective standards that focus on the science behind cannabis quality, the DOPE Cup has raised the bar for quality, accurate grading.

The DOPE Cup is the first cannabis cup in the nation to adopt these fair practices through the Trichome Institute’s TAG lab, using a double blind grading procedure done by experts, an SOP and a cannabis grading calculator app. Outside of the judging process, DOPE made it their mission to give those involved a national platform, making it easier to stand out in the crowded cannabis market.

As a company, it’s a priority for us to further validate our industry and its credibility by supporting a cannabis cup that ensures a fair and scientifically-backed judging process. In order to continue to fuel the industry’s integrity, and further elevate the plant, MJBA supports the DOPE Cup and encourages those dedicated to the advancement of cannabis culture to participate in the upcoming DOPE Cup on April 23, 2017.

DOPE is accepting entries through April 5th. Fill out the DOPE Cup entry form and participate in the future of cannabis cups!