Willie’s Reserve Available Now In California

CALIFORNIA: Award-winning music legend and marijuana activist Willie Nelson announces the launch of his Willie’s Reserve cannabis brand in California. Flow Kana, the premier sustainable sun-grown cannabis provider that embraces the small farmer ecosystem, was selected as the Willie’s Reserve partner in California. Available in select California dispensaries now, cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy Willie’s Reserve Legendary Stash of packaged flower and signature Ready Roll pre-rolled joints from Flow Kana’s network of independent heritage farms in Humboldt and Mendocino Counties.

Throughout his career, Nelson has served as the face of responsible marijuana use and has never wavered from his mission to build fair and profitable business with a positive impact on cannabis culture.

“California has a progressive way of thinking and they’ve decided that cannabis is a positive plant to have in the land which is what I’ve always believed,” Willie Nelson said. “And know we’ve come pretty damn far. From the point where they’d put you in prison for life for a seed to where we are now, which is a lot of progress.”

The boutique strains are hand selected, Willie-tested, and will be the first craft cannabis strains offered by Willie’s Reserve to be available in the Golden State in early spring 2018. Each strain is cultivated on independent farms in small batches, using only organic inputs, and under full sun in California’s premier cannabis growing regions of Northern California.

“California has a unique gift of thousands of small cannabis farms that have been cultivating for generations and Flow Kana is focused on bringing their sustainable, sungrown cannabis to market,” said Michael Steinmetz, Flow Kana CEO and co-founder. “It is an honor to partner and power the Willie’s Reserve and other brands that share the value of building a better and more sustainable cannabis industry.”

The carefully selected Willie’s Reserve strains are processed, packaged, and distributed throughout California from Flow Kana’s Flow Cannabis Institute, the world’s first cannabis campus and processing center dedicated to the small-batch craft cannabis farmer. Flow Kana offers partners a range of distribution and white label co-packing services to companies who strive to provide consumers with premier clean, compliant, and sustainable products.

Beginning this month, Willie’s Reserve is available at these select retailers in California: Medithrive in San Francisco, 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center in Richmond, Ojai Greens in Ojai, Desert Organic Solutions Collective in Palm Springs, Torrey Holistics in San Diego, Green Goddess Collective in Venice Beach, Little Trees in Arnold, Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose, and Big Sur Canna+Botancials in Carmel-By-The-Sea.


Isodiol To Acquire Azure Water Bottling Facility In Florida

CANADA: Isodiol International , a global Bioactive CBD innovator specializing in the development of pharmaceutical and wellness products, is proud to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, IsoBev Inc., has reached a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of Azure Bottling, a premier water bottling facility located in Leesburg, Florida.

Azure is a state of the art facility and was named as one of the top 50 Florida companies to watch for economic impact by GrowFL last year. Azure also won the 2017 gold medal for Best Tasting Water at the Berkeley Springs International competition under its affiliated brand AlphaPure.

Azure has in place the manufacturing and distribution agreements to supply water to Sysco, McArthur Dairy / Dean Foods, and Dollar General Stores throughout the United States.  In total, Azure full capacity runs approximately 5.3 million bottles per month and expects this to increase to approximately 8.58 million bottles after space and efficiency improvements over the next several months.

IsoBev focuses on the Company’s exceptional growing beverage brand portfolio and will capitalize on these enterprise level companies for additional support and distribution of all beverage brands created in-house. This alignment now brings into the organization of the company’s beverage business operations with its core growth strategies for meaningful scale, and clearly defined portfolio role that targets growth with enterprise marketplace opportunities.

“The acquisition of the Azure water bottling facility is an important milestone for Isodiol,” said Marcos Agramont CEO of Isodiol.  “This facility unlocks the value of our beverage portfolio such as our CBD and hemp waters and the growth potential of some of our core business competencies. It is the next logical step in our ongoing effort to accelerate our growth trajectory and maximize value for our shareholders,” said Agramont.

IsoBev, Inc. is acquiring 100% interest in Azure in a combination of cash and stock. $1,000,000 cash will be paid upfront, as well as $300,000 in six months.  Azure will also receive $1,000,000 in 36 month escrowed stock based on the closing price March 26, 2018.


DOPE Cup 2017: Combatting the Myth of Flawed Cannabis Cup Judging

WASHINGTON: Cannabis cup judging – it’s been under scrutiny for years. The myth of a group of unqualified stoner judges sitting around, smoking strain after strain from a bong, persists to this day. Enter DOPE Magazine, a lifestyle publication dedicated to elevating every aspect of the cannabis industry. Chief Brand Officer of DOPE Magazine, James Zachodni, explains, “our mission in defending the plant everywhere includes not only covering the most relevant stories in cannabis but extends to defending the integrity of the entire cannabis ecosystem. Accuracy and quality of cannabis cup rankings fits into that.”

Six years ago, DOPE saw the need for a cannabis cup that mirrored the integrity and professionalism of the growing market. Now, The DOPE Cup is one of the most respected cannabis competitions in the country. Through a highly transparent and technical judging process, DOPE has moved past the era of unqualified, subjective judging. By maintaining a controlled 502 testing base across the board, as well as implementing objective standards that focus on the science behind cannabis quality, the DOPE Cup has raised the bar for quality, accurate grading.

The DOPE Cup is the first cannabis cup in the nation to adopt these fair practices through the Trichome Institute’s TAG lab, using a double blind grading procedure done by experts, an SOP and a cannabis grading calculator app. Outside of the judging process, DOPE made it their mission to give those involved a national platform, making it easier to stand out in the crowded cannabis market.

As a company, it’s a priority for us to further validate our industry and its credibility by supporting a cannabis cup that ensures a fair and scientifically-backed judging process. In order to continue to fuel the industry’s integrity, and further elevate the plant, MJBA supports the DOPE Cup and encourages those dedicated to the advancement of cannabis culture to participate in the upcoming DOPE Cup on April 23, 2017.

DOPE is accepting entries through April 5th. Fill out the DOPE Cup entry form and participate in the future of cannabis cups!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLWgO_qyMJotwgS_f59tx505oIT1dYfoMY&w=560&h=315]

Jerrick Media Launches Marijuana Lifestyle Vertical “Potent”

NEW JERSEY: Jerrick Media, a digital media and technology company focused on the development and marketing of branded digital content and e-commerce properties, announced today the launch of Potent, a new marijuana themed vertical.

Potent is a platform exploring the marijuana lifestyle and cannabis culture in an educated and informative fashion. The launch of Jerrick Media’s fourth vertical on its CMP Vocal, Potent has premiered Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean as its first digital series.  Baked, which was produced in Canada by LadyPants Productions, features Vancouver personality, pin-up model, and cannabis expert, Mary Jean Dunsdon, in a cooking show with one special ingredient: cannabis. This is the first digital series released through the Jerrick Media and LadyPants Productions collaboration. Baked is exclusively sponsored by Phant Extracts, aVancouver based company specializing in premium extracts.

Jerrick Media also released Baked: A Marijuana Cookbook in conjunction with the release of the digital series on Potent. The cookbook is the third in Jerrick Media’s canon of publishing, following The Mind’s Eye: The Art of OMNI and No One’s Pet: The Autobiography of Sheila Kennedy.

Commenting on the launch of Potent, Jerrick Media CEO Jeremy Frommer said, The launch of Potent, coupled with the premier of Baked, is another significant step forward for us in demonstrating the power of our platform and the value of our growing portfolio of digital media properties.  The Baked project has already paid for itself through presold advertising and sponsorship, placing us in a solid position with unlimited future upside from the start.  We look forward to building the Potent vertical as we continue to create a unique C2C platform with our thought provoking digital content.”

Jerrick Media is a digital media and technology company co-founded by former RBC Capital Markets Executive and Wall Street veteran, Jeremy Frommer, and his long time friend and business partner, movie and television producer, Rick Schwartz, whose credits include Black Swan, The Departed, and the Spike TV Series Lip Sync Battle.

How Healthcare Professionals Are Getting Involved In The Legal Cannabis Industry

Medical professionals and their approaches to the growing MMJ industry

By Zack M

As the medical marijuana industry continues to grow, so too does the opportunity for innovation. Healthcare professionals in particular are taking part in this boom and have been approaching the legal cannabis industry in a multitude of ways.

Education and Training

Although medical marijuana is legal in certain states, there remains a dearth of licensed healthcare professionals catering to patients wishing to seek treatment via medical cannabis. A study of physicians’ attitudes towards marijuana as conducted by Konrad and Reid concluded that whilst only 19% of respondents believed physicians should recommend medical cannabis to patients, a whopping 92% agreed that education about medical marijuana should be made available to them. As such, several organizations exist that are helping educate medical professionals about how to incorporate MMJ in their practice.

The New York State Medical Marijuana Program for instance offers practitioner education, practitioner registration, patient certification, and the identification of registered practitioners. These facilities allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients and understand the laws surrounding it with ease. 602 physicians have registered as of June 21, 2016 and many similar organizations and resources for doctors can be found online and nationwide.

Ivy league doctor, Dr. David Casarett has too recognized the lack of medical cannabis education available to not merely physicians, but patients, dispensary owners, and growers. In his book, Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana, Casarett makes compelling arguments for medical marijuana’s risks and benefits. He hopes that his book will serve as a guide and that it can address the fact that many of his “physician colleagues are realizing that [medical marijuana] is something they should know about,” adding that “they may decide that they won’t recommend [medical marijuana], but they have to know about it.”

Less conventional than that of doctors’ is the introduction of nurses to the field of medical marijuana.Unlike physicians, nurses do not legally require certification to assist patients wishing to obtain prescriptions for medical marijuana.  Just as there is a lack of physicians working with MMJ patients, even more pronounced is the absence of nurses in this respect.

Patients normally receive most of their advice from doctors and dispensary staff regarding the appropriate cannabinoids, dosage, and delivery methods. Organizations like the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) have emerged in order to fill this gap. With a mission to “advance excellence in cannabis nursing practice through advocacy, collaboration, research, education, and policy development,” the ACNA stands as a forum and platform for education. Understanding “how and why patients are choosing this treatment” and “how this use effects other medical treatments” can help nurses better connect with their MMJ patients and ensure patients get proper therapy.

Unconventional Approaches

A new service in California called Meadow—which began as a medical marijuana delivery service—ventures outside the box in the name of convenience. It permits doctors to make house calls for medical cannabis related concerns. Services such as these help bridge the gap between potential patients and doctors and make it easier for people to receive accessible treatment.

Dermatologists too are taking advantage of the legal cannabis industry by creating topical skincare products with marijuana as the active ingredient. Some skincare experts claim that when applied topically, marijuana could make skin look younger as well as treat certain skin conditions such as dry and itchy skin.

With all these new developments in an industry only in its infancy, we can be sure to expect a future of healthcare professionals entering the field in a wider range and larger volume of ways.

Three In A Row: BiotrackTHC Awarded NY State Seed-to-Sale Tracking Contract

NEW YORK: CBE Press has learned that BioTrackTHC has been awarded the exclusive contract to run New York State’s Seed-to-Sale Tracking system, which includes both the government system and the licensed enterprises in state, and is the first contract in the industry that requires the licensees to use the state’s tracking software solution.

In the three (3) previously state awarded contracts — Colorado (Franwell), and Washington and New Mexico (BioTrack THC) — state licensed producers, processors and retailers have been allowed to choose the software provider that tracks their products and uploads to the state contracted system.

According to the New York State Contract Reporter’s May 22 release, BioTrack bested Agrisoft Development Group, Franwell, Leaf Logix Technology and MJ Freeway. The purpose of the state’s Request for Proposal (RFP) is to seek a contractor to provide a cloud-hosted Seed-to-Sale Tracking Software System for New York State’s Medical Marijuana Program. This system will be utilized by organizations registered with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to cultivate, manufacture,
distribute and dispense medical marijuana in New York State, as well as provide NYSDOH the ability to access the data of each registered organization.

Here’s What Is On Our Weed Reading List

Sometimes we like to power down the iPad, find a nice quiet spot and settle down with a good book.  Perusing our local Seattle Public Library, we compiled the following list of some highly-recommended books about our beloved cannabis, we’re calling our “Weed Reading List.”

Big Weed

An Entrepreneur’s High-stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business 

By Hageseth, Christian Book – 2015 


What Were We Just Talking About? 

(Series: Philosophy for Everyone) Book – 2010 


By Duvall, Chris S. Book – 2015 

Cannabis Pharmacy 

The Practical Guide to Medicinal Marijuana 

By Backes, Michael Book – 2014 

Cash Crop 

An American Dream 

By Raphael, Ray Book – 1985 

Chasing the Scream

The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs 

By Hari, Johann Book – 2015 

Heart of Dankness 

Underground Botanists, Outlaw Farmers, and the Race for the Cannabis Cup 

By Smith, Mark Haskell Book – 2012 

Medical Cannabis Guidebook 

The Definitive Guide to Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana 

By Ditchfield, Jeff Book – 2014

Smoke Signals 

A Social History of Marijuana : Medical, Recreational, and Scientific 

By Lee, Martin A. Book – 2012 

Too High to Fail

Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution 

By Fine, Doug Book – 2012 

Weed the People

The Future of Legal Marijuana in America 

By Barcott, Bruce Book – 2015

Marijuana Business Association Coming To Vancouver, WA

By Sue Vorenberg

WASHINGTON: The Marijuana Business Association will be in Vancouver on Thursday, Sept. 18 for a special free Meetup event at the Vancouver Community Library.The meeting will be at the 901 C Street location from 6-8 p.m. and is sponsored by Viridian Sciences, a Vancouver marijuana industry software company.

Looks like a good event for local biz folks to check out and meet others in the industry in Southwest Washington.

“The reason that MJBA does these things is to empower the local community,” said Dave Rheins, CEO and co-founder of the organization. “So we put together these Meetups to share information, make introductions and really learn who is doing what in the area.”

There will be a few vendor tables and speakers on hand to talk about the industry sector here and the issues it faces. Local companies can also sign up to talk to the group by emailing Morgan@mjba.net.

So far MJBA has scheduled a business presentation and a political presentation from Bob Dingenthal, who is running for Congress against Jaime Herrera-Beutler this fall, for the event.

There will also have open networking time and a chance to meet Mike Davis, who will be the group’s independent representative for the region. (Davis, who lives in Brush Prairie, can be reached at 360-624-4115).

“He came to us from doing other association and business groups,” Rheins said. “He’s here to help be a local facilitator and lend business support to the community.”

So far, MJBA has about 300 members across the state, with a handful in Southwest Washington, including Viridian Sciences, Rheins said.

Membership in the group is $250 a year per business.

Rheins will be at the meeting as will others from the organization. I’m planning on attending as well.

Who else is coming?

-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)


Medical Marijuana Supporters Threaten Sit-In At Pennsylvania Capitol

PENNSYLVANIA: Parents who say a marijuana oil extract might save the lives of their seizure-wracked children threatened today to hold a sit-in at Gov. Tom Corbett’s offices until he meets with them in their quest to get the substance legalized.

Family members and a state lawmaker who is sponsoring a state Senate bill, Sen. Daylin Leach, Montgomery, announced their intentions at a Capitol news conference. They want a meeting date set by the end of Friday, or they vow to go to his Capitol offices and stay until he agrees to meet, they said.

The governor’s office said today that Corbett and his staff have met with families on the issue, as well as Leach’s co-sponsor, Sen. Mike Folmer, Lebanon.

Legislators Ask Why Mexicans Should Die Over A Drug The U.S. Is Legalizing

MEXICO:  Two Mexican legislators say they’re sick of cramming their jails full of pot smokers.

Few countries have suffered the consequences of the U.S.-led war on drugs more than Mexico. As the principal supplier of marijuana to the United States, as well as a major transit country for cocaine and other hard drugs, Mexico has seen organized crime flourish within its borders. According to some estimates, as many as 80,000 Mexicans have died since former President Felipe Calderón launched a frontal assault on the country’s drug cartels in 2006, and Mexico has seen its prison population nearly double since the 1990s, largely from prosecuting drug crimes. [Read more…]