Marijuana Seed Companies After Legalization

. People everywhere are going to know what a marijuana seed looks like before long.

By Paul Morgan It’s a controversial subject that has raised a lot of questions and debate. Should marijuana be legalized? Sixty three percent of Americans seem to think so. So, what will this mean for the already thriving seed business, or cannabis industry itself for that matter? As of 2016, so far five states have Read the full article…

Highlights From The National Cannabis Summit in Denver

Andrew Freedman
Director of Marijuana Coordination | State of Colorado

COLORADO: The first National Cannabis Summit, the inaugural show from MJ Conferences’ Bruce and Andy Passen, was held October 12-13th at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado. Approximately 500 Cannabis Industry Professionals gathered for the first-time trade event, most to attend an impressive lineup of panelists and speakers, including: Andrew Freeman, Director of Marijuana Coordination Read the full article…