MJIC Acquires Puff Pack

CALIFORNIA:  MJIC,  a leading provider of fully-licensed cannabis wholesale distribution, retail, compliance and supply chain solutions in California, has announced the acquisition of Puff Pack, an online, on-demand subscription service.

Puff Pack, currently based in Los Angeles, boasts a global clientele, with as many as 3,000 subscribers receiving monthly curated packages with the latest ancillary products.

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“MJIC is making significant progress on our ambitions to be California’s leading omni-channel operator, connecting every vertical in the cannabis and ancillary product supply chains. MJIC’s strategic acquisition of Puff Pack combines two successful businesses for the benefit of our customers and investors,” said Dmitry Gordeychev, MJIC’s Chief Operating Officer.

Puff Pack’s operations will be integrated into MJIC’s highly successful subsidiary Rolling Paper Depot, based in Phoenix, Arizona. MJIC believes that the operational support the Puff Pack business unit will receive as part of the Company’s broader ancillary platform will allow it to aggressively ramp up its subscriber base, generate significant revenue growth, and achieve considerable operational efficiencies.

“The RPD team is excited to welcome Puff Pack, whose highly successful subscription packages complement our existing product portfolio, which we believe will further strengthen our ability to provide a diverse and high-quality offering to our customers. I look forward to continued success in collaboration with Puff Pack’s management,” said Jarrod Smith, MJIC’s President of Unregulated Operations.

Aphria Signs Agreement To Supply Cannabis To The Manitoba Adult-Use Market

CANADA: Aphria has signed a Supply Agreement with the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation to provide a portfolio of high-quality, branded cannabis and cannabis derivative products for sale in Manitoba’s adult-use market.

“We are thrilled to finalize this Agreement with the MBLL,” said Jakob Ripshtein, Chief Commercial Officer at Aphria. “Our broad portfolio of adult-use brands and products has been specifically developed to meet the needs of distinct consumer segments, whether new to cannabis or long-time aficionados. We’re excited that Manitoba’s adult consumers will have the opportunity to discover our thoughtfully developed brands and products.”

Under the terms of the Agreement, the Company will supply up to 2.7 million grams of cannabis and cannabis derivative products in the first year of the agreement, including both Ontario and BC dried flower, pre-rolls and cannabis oils. The wide range of products will be available for sale at licensed retailers across the province. It is anticipated that additional products currently being developed by Aphria, such as vapes and edibles, will also be made available in Manitoba when authorized for sale under the Cannabis Act.

“This partnership with Manitoba represents yet another significant step towards the future as we continue to make history across Canada in the march towards legal sales this fall” said Vic Neufeld, Chief Executive Officer at Aphria. “With our annual production capacity reaching 255,000 kg in early 2019 and our recently announced partnership with Great North Distributors, we are incredibly prepared to meet the anticipated demand in Manitoba and across Canada.”

Aphria Selects Great North Distributors For Canadian Distribution Of Adult-Use Cannabis

CANADA: Aphria and Great North Distributors, a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, have signed an agreement for Great North Distributors to serve as exclusive manufacturer’s representative for Aphria’s adult-use cannabis products throughout Canada, following the legalization of recreational cannabis for adult-use anticipated later this year.

Under the terms of the agreement, Great North Distributors will be Aphria’s exclusive cannabis representative in Canada. The first-of-its kind deal gives Aphria 100% coverage of all cannabis retailers, whether provincially or privately operated, across Canada from the first day of legal adult-use sales.

“With this agreement, Aphria has established an unparalleled sales network, and will hit the ground running from the very first day of legal adult-use sales,” said Jakob Ripshtein, Chief Commercial Officer of Aphria. “Great North Distributors provides us with an experienced, dedicated team with a proven track record of driving sales and exceptional performance across all provinces. This deal will ensure that Aphria’s brands and products are proudly represented by cannabis retailers throughout the country.”

As a subsidiary of Southern Glazer’s, North America’s largest wine and spirits distributor, Great North Distributors has reach across every province across Canada, including established relationships and expertise in working with provincially owned and operated retailers and private retailers alike. Great North Distributors will establish a dedicated cannabis sales team that will be responsible for acting as the selling agent of Aphria’s broad portfolio of adult-use cannabis brands and products to provincial retailers throughout Canada, from the most populated cities to the most remote locations.

Marapharm Wins Conditional Approval As Nevada Marijuana Distributor

NEVADA: The Nevada Department of Taxation, the main oversight body for marijuana in the state, conditionally approved Marapharm Ventures‘ application for a marijuana establishment distributor license, subject to vehicle and facility inspections.

This is the first award among multiple applications Marapharm submitted. The conditional approval means Mararpharm may proceed with purchase of vehicles with essential operating standards that include interior climate control to ensure the integrity of the products carried between licensees and security features to protect product, drivers, and the community during transit.

“Marapharm is one of the first marijuana businesses of more than 80 applicants to receive a conditional distribution license. This is great news.” Linda Sampson, Marapharm CEO

GrowGeneration Opens 10,000 Sq. Ft. Nevada Retail Distribution Center, Continues its West Region Expansion Plan

NEVADA: GrowGeneration, one of the largest specialty retail hydroponic and organic gardening store chains, selling to both the commercial and home cannabis markets, with currently 10 locations in Colorado and 1 location in California, today announced that it has signed a 5-year lease on a 10,000 square foot facility in Las Vegas, Nevada for its 12th store. The Las Vegas location will serve as retail and warehouse location, and will service the growing number of both commercial and home growers in the Nevada market.

GrowGeneration Continues Aggressive Geographic Expansion

Nevada presents significant growth opportu­nities for GrowGen in the legal cannabis market. The potential is attributed to the state’s rank as a top tourism desti­nation, generous patient reciprocity laws, and the allowance for medical cannabis businesses to be formed as for-profit enterprises. Recreational use sales are expected to begin in 2017, and grow quickly. According to New Frontier, the combined medical and recreational use sales in Nevada are expected to reach nearly $622 million by 2020. A major key to the industry’s growth will be the demand from the state’s strong tourism market, with an estimated 55 million visitors in 2016 alone.

GrowGen CEO Comments

Commenting on GrowGen’s expansion into NevadaDarren Lampert, Co-Founder and CEO, said, “The passage of Nevada’srecreational use legalization measure opens up the market for cultivation expansion like we have not seen before in the US. With this additional 10,000 sq. ft. of retail and warehouse space, conveniently located minutes from the Las Vegas strip, we believe we are to be the largest hydroponic store in the Nevada market. To best serve Nevada growers, we’ll stock both commercial and home-grow sizes of all the equipment and growing supplies offered throughout the market today.”

“Executing and opening our GrowGen Nevada retail and warehouse operation furthers our business plan to aggressively expand our business. With the recent recreational legalization in NevadaCaliforniaMassachusetts and Maine, and medical legalization in Florida, we consider those states as our key expansion markets. GrowGen is now operating at an annualized revenue run rate of over $9.0 million. We believe we’re well positioned to continue to execute our expansion growth strategy, in order to offer a one-stop, personalized shopping solution for both the commercial and home grower alike.”

Northstar Announces Manufacturing And Distribution Deals Signed For First Medical Marijuana Product

NEW YORK: Northstar Global Business Services, Inc., Symbol (OTCPink: MDIN) today announced that it has executed an agreement with Kush Creams, one of the leading Medical marijuana growers and distributors based out of Washington state, to not only manufacture Northstar’s first medical marijuana product, Snorenz Medicated©, but also to distribute the product to marijuana dispensaries throughout the State.

The deal has Kush Creams starting a significant manufacturing run immediately, in order to have enough inventory for the initial orders. It is expected that approximately a hundred dispensaries will start out carrying Snorenz Medicated, and that number is expected to grow significantly as the product begins to capitalize on Snorenz’s existing brand awareness.

Once dispensaries that already carry various Kush Creams products see that Snorenz Medicated is available, it is fully expected that the penetration of the market will increase very quickly. Northstar maintains that its research has shown that many legal marijuana users are already taking some form of Marijuana at night in order to relax and sleep better. Adding THC (the chemical compound contained in marijuana that causes intoxication) to the popular Snorenz formula, not only delivers a good dose of THC, but also lubricates the throat, helping with the “dry mouth” often associated with marijuana, as well as the normal anti-snoring benefits that have made Snorenz Northstar’s biggest seller.