Middleboro Debates Merits of Medical Marijuana Dispensary

MASSACHUSETTS: Thursday is the state’s deadline to apply for a license to dispense medical marijuana and town officials are grappling with the idea of someone growing and selling medical marijuana in Middleboro.

Medical marijuana is on sale in D.C.

“Alonzo,” the city’s first legal medical marijuana customer, displays his first purchase. Capital City Care currently offers four strains of medical cannabis, priced from $380 to $440 an ounce.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Fifteen years after voters first spoke up on the issue and more than three years after the D.C. Council moved to set up a regulatory framework, the District of Columbia recorded its first legal medical marijuana sale Monday evening.

Superior Court Judge Denies Medical Marijuana Collective Cultivation Defense

Marijuana grow approved for Pueblo County

CALIFORNIA: In a grueling week-long trial, a superior court Judge prohibited defense counsel from bringing evidence to support that cannabis patients may lawfully collectively cultivate medical cannabis under the Medical Marijuana Program Act (MMPA).