Cannabis Ambassador-At-Large: Jake Partakes Of 24K Gold Cannagar

By Jake The Professor

This week in Seattle Washington the single most expensive cannabis product was purchased and consumed. The Leira 24K Gold Leaf Cannagar was sold at Diego Pellicer for $10,000!

The most expensive cannabis product ever sold

Justin Costillo of GRN Funds with Alejandro Cantos Owner of Diego Pellicer and Jake The Professor 

Justin Costillo is a local Seattle Hedge fund manager for GRN Funds.  He and Alejandro Cantos of Diego Pellicer began a discussion over dinner about the future of the cannabis industry. The conversation focused on setting new, higher standards for the consumer.  Alejandro Cantos, an entrepreneur and owner of Diego Pellicer, shared his goals and visions to create the world’s most luxurious cannabis shopping experience.

“Affordable Luxury” is the brand Alejandro aspires to create. The gentlemen crafted a plan to expedite the process. Justin Costillo decided he would purchase the most luxurious cannabis product ever produced. Forever securing his place in history as the first and only person to acquire the $10,000 El Dorado (see my previous column here).  This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted cannabis cigar could only be purchased from the most luxurious cannabis retailer in Seattle, Diego Pellicer.


This one of a kind hand crafted beauty takes skills to create. A product such as this could fetch $10,000 was the notion of Ariel Payopay CEO of Leira.

Goldleaf Gardens on hand while Ariel and Brian Payopay wait for an approving nod

Goldleaf Gardens on hand while Ariel and Brian Payopay wait for an approving nod

The company name is owned and operated by the Payopay brothers, Ariel and Brian. Leira is Ariel spelled backwards. Ariel and his brother had the vision to create the finest high-end luxury products on the market — the best of the best. All products can’t be a Cadillac. A Buick may drive like a Cadillac, but it still ain’t a Cadillac! 

The Poyopay family are from Hawaii and every aspect of their operation is “Aloha Grown,” they are proud to say.  Ariel and Brian use all natural inputs, pesticide free and  “Clean Green Certified Cannabis” to create the state’s most expensive cannabis products ever manufactured and sold.

Alejandro Cantos 25 year old entrepreneur and owner of Diego Pellicer

Alejandro Cantos 25 year old entrepreneur and owner of Diego Pellicer

On June 18th 2018 at 4:20, in a penthouse on 2ed Ave in Seattle Washington, the 24K Gold Leaf El Dorado was carefully removed from its humidor (generously included in the $10,000 price , along with a fancy lighter and cigar cutter) The El Dorado is a full ounce of premium Goldleaf Gardens cannabis, wrapped in a thin layer of Polar Extracts premium Rosin.  The 7-inch long El Dorado was removed from its protective wax-sealed glass tube. It was closely admired by those of us that who had the good fortune to be present. The new owner then lit his new fancy cigar lighter and began to gently “roast” the very tip of the El Dorado before we all shared in this truly historic cannabis moment. 

We all were very aware what a truly special occasion this was. After all, when does the guy who sold you the weed get to smoke it with you? Unheard of, but there we were! Each of us with a look that said, ‘Can you believe we are smoking a $10,000 cigar?’

Jake enjoys the world's most expensive cannagar

Jake enjoys the world’s most expensive cannagar

The Professors favorite protege, Harley aka @imfamousprude, picks up what I drop:  On that hot June day on the 39th Floor of a penthouse suite cannabis history was made and then smoked. I know, I was there. 

There is an argument that can be made about the ostentatious display of wealth and influence this item portrays. I understand. I also understand the passion and vision of Alejandro Cantos and Ariel Payopay. The both said they wanted to offer the very finest luxury experience in the cannabis market.  I say with the creation of the El Dorado and subsequent sale of this one of a kind product by Diego Pellicer, this is by far the best and most luxurious cannabis product ever produced. History was indeed made.

I heard the the Payopay Brothers speaking about their next project. All I can say is stay tuned on what you will see next from each of these visionaries in this story. One thing this writer is certain of, you haven’t heard the last about the famous El Dorado. 

Introducing El Dorado — The New Gold Standard In Legal Cannabis

By Jake The Professor

The El Dorado is the most luxurious, and most expensive legal cannabis product ever produced.  Crafted by Ariel Payopay, owner of Leira, the El Dorado is a 24 Karat Gold cannabis cigar – or Cannagar.  At $10,000 a pop, this high-end cannabis experience is perfect for the special occasion – Weddings, Bar Mitzvah’s and the launching of your new yacht.

Made with a full ounce of premium Clean Green cannabis, El Dorado is thinly-wrapped with 3 Grams of award winning Polar Icetracts — organically grown, mechanically extracted ice Hash pressed into pure rosin. This assembly is set aside to cure in a humidor for weeks. Meanwhile the larger outer cannabis leaves that will wrap this creation are carefully selected without blemish. At the proper time these selected leaves are strategically placed and carefully wrapped around the now cured cannabis base that is wrapped around a skewer while being produced.

Brian and Ariel Payopay

Brian and Ariel Payopay

This method leaves a perfectly round whole in the center of this crafted masterpiece.  Now, almost complete this piece is placed back into the humidor for several more weeks until perfectly cured through and through. The El Dorado is now ready for the finial wrap. 24 Karat Gold leaf is carefully wrapped around the cured Cannagar, a final touch that makes the El Dorado the very best, and most expensive cannabis product ever created.


It was not too long ago when something like the El Dorado could not even be dreamed of in our wildest stoner fantasies.  Back in the day, when we wanted to roll a special “cigar,” we would use a couple of yellow Zig-Zag wheat straw rolling papers stuck together. In 1972, as an 8th Grader at Kempsville Jr. High, I was introduced to my first nickel bag of weed. I scored it from a classmate’s older brother. The pot I purchased was a combination of Mexican “brick weed” with a fair amount of oregano probably mixed in. Yes, oregano! It’s not just folklore.

Sticks, seeds and stems

Sticks, seeds and stems

Mexican Brick weed — with plenty of seeds and sticks and stems included — was the most common type of marijuana you would see back in those days. In addition to its poor quality, our weed may or may not have been sprayed with Paraquat, the very poisonous non-selective herbicide the federal government used to kill pot fields in Mexico in an attempt to eradicate marijuana before it got imported to the states. Mexican farmers would harvest the weed and sell it anyway, and so that sometimes made it into our baggies as well. It may have contained toxins, but at least the weed back then was cheap. You could buy a one-finger “nickel bag” for 5 bucks or a two-finger “dime bag” for a ten spot. There was something called a “lid” for $15 – three-fingers inside your folded over Glad sandwich bag.

Early on we didn’t really know or understand the proper botanical names like cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa. We only concerned ourselves with amount of seeds and the earthy smell we quickly began to relate to how stoned it made us. We would occasionally get access to better strains — Acapulco Gold or Panama Red — and after a few years, the market started to see the appearance of pot that came from Columbia. This South American iconic weed could be purchased for $35 per ounce — pretty expensive at that time, but most people agreed it was worth it.

Mexican Brick Weed

Mexican Brick Weed

Columbian weed still had plenty of seeds, but the earthy aroma and serious intoxicating effects, made old Mexican Brick weed second rate schwag. With better marijuana came more precise measurements.  The finger system was soon replaced with more scales, and soon we all became expert on the metric system. Around 1978, a new kind of cannabis occasionally became available. Sinsemilla, Spanish for seedless, was green and not brown and cost $100 per ounce or more.  Not having to remove the seeds before you smoked it was nice, but it was expensive and in short supply.


Our cannabis community has grown much in knowledgeable and sophisticated in the methods of production, processing and consumption of our favorite plant over the years.  We have seen domesticity grown cannabis explode in popularity and potency. We’ve seen indoor grow operations create an environment that fostered the cultivation of several superior strains of cannabis. Cannabis that originally came from the Hindu Kush regions or perhaps South America or Jamaica were brought here to America, and we grew and cross bred these strains until we produced the very best.

With the release of the Leira El Dorado Cannagar, we are at the zenith of cannabis quality and customer satisfaction.  If you are ever lucky enough to have El Dorado passed in your direction, I hope that you savior every moment.  As you take a slow draw, I encourage you to enjoy the opulence and smooth flavor and think about the first time you smoked weed, and celebrate just how far we’ve come.

Meet Jake The Professor: Cannabis Industry Ambassador At Large

By David Rheins

WASHINGTON: Jake Dimmock wears a lot of hats. Literally. He also juggles a lot of roles and responsibilities in Seattle’s cannabis community: posing with customers and VIPs as the face of swanky pot shop Diego Pellicer; making the scene as the well-dressed social media gadfly Jake the Professor, broadcasting his live reports from canna events large and small.

2017-12-17 20.05.44

Jake with artist Michael Guttsen at the Dope Industry Awards

A seminal figure in Seattle’s cannabis scene – Jake was co-founder of Seattle’s best-known MMJ dispensary, Northwest Patient Resource Center (NWPRC), with John Davis, and a longtime patients advocate and caregiver long before pot was legal or fashionable.  When Washington migrated its medical marijuana dispensaries into the newly created I-502 adult use system, Jake transitioned smoothly serving as budtender extraordinaire first at Uncle Ikes, and later Diego Pellicer.

Jake with MJBA Papers copy

MJBA Cannabis Industry Ambassador at Large

With his vast knowledge of cannabis, his southern charm, his natural ease with people and multi-generational appeal, Jake the Professor was a natural to be named the first “Cannabis Industry Ambassador at Large” for the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA).  As the association for cannabis business’ first Ambassador at Large, Dimmock will represent the trade group at high profile events and functions.


Jake and Bang Kitty Bang

Jake and Bang Kitty Bang

On any given day, thousands tune in to watch Jake The Professor on Instagram – donning his sartorial splendor and brushing out his impressive white beard as the charismatic king of social media, the charming Southerner holds court from the retail floor at Diego Pellicer’s, as cannabis VIPs from former Presidents to PinUp Girls come by pay homage and get their photo snapped.


Dimmock has recently taken his act on the road, serving as host of Jerome Baker’s Bongzilla in Las Vegas during the recent Champs Show.

jake the professor with mints

He has been approached to be the “face” of a number of legal cannabis products and is considering his options as legal cannabis expands coast to coast.

Look for upcoming appearances by Jake The Professor and fellow canna celebrity Bang Kitty Bang at the Bongzilla party in Seattle on 4/21.


Diego Pellicer Announces New Premium Marijuana Branding And Retail Prototypes

WASHINGTON:  Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. has announced a partnership with architect Michael Rotondi, FAIA, and creative Jill Savini to develop retail prototypes and innovative branding for future store locations.

“We’re staying ahead of the curve by developing industry changing scalable and inviting retail environments that will be built to enhance the customer experience, along with a brand that reflects the premium cannabis products sold by our licensed and branded retail tenants,” said Ron Throgmartin, chief executive officer, Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. “By working with Rotondi and Savini, we’re bringing in retail design and branding experts that will set the bar for premium retail cannabis stores. Rotondi and Savini’s experience and progressive thinking will chart the course for Diego Pellicer to accomplish our goals in this relatively new marketplace.”

According to a company press release, Rotondi and Savini plan to create a cutting-edge branding and architecture system that is adaptable to each market, each footprint and reflects the community in which it operates.

“What fascinates me the most about working with Diego is that while the industry continues to be defined, it’s possible that our work will set a new standard that others will want to emulate,” said Rotondi. “The store concepts that we’re developing will not only make each location look consistent and yet unique, but can be built quickly using current technology and materials.

Diego Pellicer Faces Subpoena, Other Problems In Marijuana Biz

WASHINGTON:  The Top 5 Things You Don’t Want to Say when introducing a new public company might be:

No. 5. We’ve received a subpoena from the U.S. Attorney.

No. 4. We’ve only got one real paying customer.

No. 3. We’re not sure when we can actually collect any money from that customer.

No. 2. We’re lending money to keep that customer running.

No. 1. We’re not sure what the U.S. Attorney wants, but in the worst-case scenario, our officers could be imprisoned and our investors hosed.

Diego Pellicer Worldwide, the company that says it’s “developing the world’s first ‘premium’ marijuana brand,” acknowledged those issues last week deep in its first regulatory filing after merging into a public shell company.

Tech Mogul Jamen Shively Keynotes “Technology And Your Cannabis Business” Seminar Weds, Aug 27 In Seattle

WASHINGTON: All industry eyes will be on technology-turned-marijuana mogul Jamen Shively, the former Microsoft strategist best known as the man behind premium retail pot brand Diego Pellicer, as he delivers the keynote speech for “Technology & Your Cannabis Business” seminar at Seattle’s ultra-hip Motif Hotel.

Shively’s much-anticipated talk before the elite gathering of Washington’s leading cannabis and technology brands, will reportedly focus on the state of the emerging industry, and how he is providing support to the worldwide cannabis & hemp industry through his new venture, the International Coalition of Cannabis Companies & Organizations ICCCO .

Joining Shively will be Randy Simmons from Washington Liquor Control Board, the agency overseeing Washington’s nascent legal marijuana business; along with John Davis, co-founder and Executive Director of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics (CCSE); Patrick Vo, COO, of BioTrackTHC; Dr. Dominic Corva, Executive Director at Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy; Cannabis Training Institute’s Greta Carter, and many other industry thought leaders.

Technology & Your Cannabis Business Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Motif Hotel, Seattle, WA

Technology & Your Cannabis Business
Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Motif Hotel, Seattle, WA

The full-day business seminar, targeting participants in Washington’s legal cannabis industry – growers, processors, retailers and the professional services providers who support them — is being organized by Seattle-based Marijuana Business Association (MJBA), a b2b organization called “the chamber of commerce for cannabis” by NBC News, and sponsored by Cannabis Industry Professional Services (CIPS).  Journalist/Activist Ben Livingston will act as Master of Ceremonies.

“Technology & Your Cannabis Business” is the first in a series of professional education seminars that the Marijuana Business Association is hosting as a service to its members,” explained MJBA chief executive David Rheins. “Earlier in the month, we invited I-502 licensees and applicants to participate in an online policy conducted by MJ Research.  More than three dozen business pioneers participated in the survey. We then invited them to a listening summit, where we conducted a “voice of the customer” facilitated conversation — through which we’ve identified the key industry pain points. Technology — from compliance software to grow-room automation — was at the top of the list. In response, MJBA has organized this professional forum where all the key stakeholders can gather together to work through possible solutions.”

At Wednesday’s show, packaging technology, grow room automation and compliance software are the hot topics. “We’re delighted to have senior representatives like the WSLCB’s Randy Simmons, BioTrackTHC’s Patrick Vo there all under one roof, there to directly engage with end-user licensees to address this critical and time-sensitive issues,” Rheins said.

Tickets are $100 for MJBA members, $150 non-members, and are available online, and at the door.


Diego Pellicer's Jamen Shively Goes Public With Plandai Biotechnology, Inc.

WASHINGTON:  If Plandai Biotechnology  investors liked the idea of Diego Pellicer co-founder Jamen Shively working with the company from the outside, then they’ll love the idea that he’s now on the inside of this public biotech.  Shively, a former Microsoft executive turned marijuana entrepreneur, has gone public being named to the Board of Directors at Plandai.

His experience at Microsoft alone makes this a great business move, but the media’s attraction to Shively’s confident approach to capturing 40 percent of the worldwide marijuana market makes his addition inside any public company a really big deal. Hopefully Plandai is prepared for the media frenzy that is likely to occur when the national press that showed up en masse to his 2013 press conference, learns of Shively’s appointment to the Board. [Read more…]

Former Microsoft Executive Chooses Location For Seattle Pot Shop

WASHINGTON: A former Microsoft executive has picked the spot he plans to start selling recreational marijuana. Jamen Shively says he wants to build an international brand of marijuana at a flagship store in Seattle’s SODO Neighborhood.

He plans to put the store on Fourth Avenue S., just south of Holgate.

He hopes to be selling pot by the middle of next year. Shively expects annual revenue of between 25 and 50 million dollars from the store.

Shively even wants to start a reality TV show out of the store. He is currently shopping that idea to networks.

Pot retail licenses will be awarded by lottery. Shively says if he doesn’t win, he’ll buy a company that does.

Dot-Bong Era’s First Marijuana Brand Debuts

WASHINGTON: America’s newly legalized marijuana industry is attracting corporate cash and entrepreneurs who want to transform the business from plants in plastic bags sold on street corners to branded experiences in well-outfitted stores.

Jamen Shively, founder of Diego Pellicer, the first retail brand in the U.S. to market legal, premium marijuana, says the plant is an “incredible boost to creativity”–the company itself bloomed from a “brainstorm session with cannabis.” [Read more…]