Florida Gov’t Weekly Roundup: Get That Pot To Sick Kids ASAP

FLORIDA:  Health regulators are wasting no time getting Florida ready for the “green rush” already sweeping the state as they craft a framework for the new medical marijuana industry. Meanwhile, the “just say no” crowd is letting loose with the green, fanning the flames in the fight over a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize weed for a variety of medical reasons.

It’s sort of a pot rush, even if the type of weed that will soon be spreading across the state supposedly doesn’t get users high.


The Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use this week hurriedly published a revised rule governing everything from stems and seeds to serving the substance to sick kids. The latest version of the rule included tweaks to who can own the five “dispensing organizations” that will eventually get licensed by the state to grow, process and distribute newly-authorized strains of cannabis.