UPDATE: EVENT CANCELLED: The Politics of Pot, A Symposium On Cannabis Legislation And Regulation

UPDATE: Organizers have cancelled this event.

“Due to a number of scheduling conflicts around many of the intended political speakers with regards to other necessary obligations resulting from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, we at Emerald Live Events have decided to postpone  ‘The Politics of Pot’ symposium to a later date,” Jason Santos, Chairman and CEO of Burn Entertainment Corporation, one of the partners in the event told MJ News Network.

“The entire purpose and agenda of this event is to bring political leaders together to discuss the successes and challenges around legalization to help further those efforts at both State and Federal levels.  Unfortunately, many of the great political speakers who wanted to speak at the event were unable to confirm in time due to changing agendas around other political events and obligations with regard to the RNC and DNC.  So we felt identifying another time would best serve the purpose of the event and deliver the best possible symposium to our attending guests.”

PENNSYLVANIA:  Timed to coincide with the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, The Politics of Pot, A Symposium on Cannabis Legislation and Regulation will take place July 23rd at The University of the Arts Gershman Hall: The Elaine C. Levitt Auditorium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

According to organizers, the symposium is designed to provide a forum for legislators, delegates, regulators, and industry participants to share information on the realities of the legalization of medical cannabis, and to discuss the positives and the negatives of decriminalization and legalization of recreational cannabis in states such as Colorado, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.

The public opinion and perception of cannabis is undergoing significant changes. Numerous legislative and regulatory changes have occurred in the last few years, and various initiatives are currently being considered in over half of the states. Faced with these changes, legislator must find a more nuanced and informed approach to cannabis than just con, or just pro. Therefore, it is critical for legislators understand the numerous issues involved with cannabis legislation and regulation — to define and refine their positions on these issues

Approximately 400-600 attendees expected to attend the event. The Symposium is priced right to provide the best value for each dollar spent, and Convention Delegates attend Free of Charge.

A full agenda is planned, including 6 featured panel discussions:


Panelists at the Symposium will discuss the myriad of issues that arise from regulation of Recreational Cannabis versus those issues related to the regulation of Medical Cannabis. We will learn from those closest to the issue and discover how the different states are currently tackling this difficult regulatory challenge.


The Symposium will explore the myths and realities of crime levels as they relate to legalized recreational and medical marijuana. Additionally, the issues related to current technologies and methodologies for testing cannabis blood levels will be analyzed, including implications for DUI and employment law.


The Symposium will delve into the complications and complexities both regulators and Cannabis industry professionals face defining and maintaining compliance with both state and federal regulatory regimes, including: taxation; licensing; and consumer protection, quality assurance, and product safety.


The Symposium will provide detailed insight into the current state of investment into the Cannabis industry. We will hear both from those currently investing and those on the sidelines, and gain an understanding what primarily drives the decision to invest.


The Symposium will analyze the issues, timing, and ramifications of reclassification of Cannabis from CSA 1. The implications of reclassification will have on the medicinal advancements of the industry will be broad and far reaching.


Banking in the Cannabis industry requires companies to navigate complicated and contradictory state and federal regulations. The Symposium will provide deep insight into current industry best practices and how baking regulation may evolve in the next year.