Big Marijuana Is Coming — And Even Legalization Supporters Are Worried

Some legalization backers are increasingly concerned that something like Ohio's initiative will become standard — and the interests of the pot industry, which will grow more and more as legalization spreads, will take priority over the public's best interests.

OHIO: Last month, Ohioans rejected a very unusual marijuana legalization proposal. Beyond legalizing pot, the ballot initiative would have given campaign donors direct rights to the state’s 10 pot farms as an explicit gift for their support. It was, even legalization advocates argued, a flagrant display of would-be members of the pot industry trying to cash in on a movement motivated Read the full article…

Fans Of Legal Marijuana Cheer But Opponents Speak Out Before Historic Senate Hearing On Pot

In the dash to acquire licenses and keep them in what will surely be a heavily guarded and regulated market, several pot stock companies stand to benefit.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: The pros and cons of marijuna will take center stage Tuesday in Washington, D.C., when the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a landmark hearing on legalization.