Washington Liquor Control Board Joins The DEA/Cops In Ability To Confiscate And Destroy Marijuana

WASHINGTON:  In a late email Wednesday, the Washington State Liquor Control Board announced that it has given it’s officers the legal right to confiscate and order destroyed marijuana produced in excess of what a grower, producer or retailer is licensed to have.

The newly adopted rules also state that LCB enforcers can take or order destroyed any pot found that is not accounted for in the agency’s strict accounting and tracking rules.

The board sent an email at 4:43 p.m. with the punchline:

“This explanatory statement concerns the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s adoption of new rules and revisions to chapter 314-55 WAC. … New rules for search and seizure and additional revisions to WAC 314-55-083 and WAC 314-55-102 are needed to further clarify I-502 for marijuana licensees.”