The Marijuana Show – In Search Of The Next Marijuana Millionaire

COLORADO:  Imagine the Shark Tank–but with pot. Welcome to The Marijuana Show. National business guru consultants Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins are looking for the next Marijuana Millionaire. Between the two, they have decades of invaluable business experience in inventions and consulting. This industry has grossed $30 million for Colorado in taxes so far this year. No longer shrouded in cliché stoner stereotypes, the pot industry is lucrative, The Marijuana Show is in search of the next brilliant business idea that will take the marijuana industry by storm.

This is an end-of-prohibition time period for the state of Colorado. We are leading the country in the “green rush”. All eyes are on the Marijuana Show, Paull and Robbins are creating a spotlight for the positive, innovative, green, and even ingenious potential in the marijuana industry.

The Marijuana Show is more than just the pitch, it serves as a boot camp. These women know people even with preexisting business who need help. How do I take it to the next step? They would take auditions from people with seriously concrete business plans, to people with just an idea. They want pre-existing companies who want to grow and expand and take their business model and move it to another place. They want green inventors, engineers, and people who could make the marijuana industry more lucrative for a sustainable future. Come one come all.