Denver International Airport First Denver Facility To Ban Marijuana Possession

COLORADO:  Denver International Airport will be the first city facility to prohibit marijuana possession on all of its property as it attempts to combat illegal interstate trafficking in the face of federal law.

Airport officials plan to begin enforcing the new policy, which is the furthest-reaching among the city’s marijuana limitations, in early January.

Recently adopted city ordinances ban the display and transfer — but not mere possession — of marijuana on city-owned property including parks, the 16th Street Mall, streets and sidewalks near schools.

“We talked to all of (the federal agencies involved), and they’ve expressed concern for good reason, but it was our decision based on the way the airport operates,” said Stacey Stegman, DIA spokeswoman. “We didn’t want to impact other airports and other agencies, and we didn’t want to facilitate transporting marijuana across state lines.”

Stegman said DIA chose to bar all possession and display of pot to eliminate confusion and make the same rules apply to all. She said the presence of federal agencies at DIA also was a factor; marijuana remains illegal under federal law.


Newly Legal Pot To Be Delayed Weeks, If Not Months, In Boulder County

COLORADO:  Marijuana opens for business in Colorado on Jan. 1 — but not in Boulder County.

More than a hundred state licenses for retail marijuana stores have been issued in Denver, but just one in all of Boulder County. Marijuana businesses also need local approval, and a web of regulations means even that business — The Canary’s Song in Nederland — won’t be able to sell pot to the general public until late January at the earliest.

In Denver, 14 pot shops so far have received the local approval needed to open Jan. 1. [Read more…]

Things To Do In Denver When You're Stoned

COLORADO:  So now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, you probably want to know how exactly how it works.

If you are coming from out of state, how much will you be able to buy? Where will you be able to buy it? Where are you allowed to smoke your legal Colorado cannabis? Can you take any of it with you back home? [Read more…]

Tickets For Public Pot Use In Boulder Quadruple Since Amendment 64

COLORADO:  In the year since Amendment 64 legalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana in Colorado, Boulder police have issued nearly four times as many tickets for smoking pot in public — which is still illegal.

Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner said that while his officers have stopped ticketing people for mere possession of marijuana, more and more people have been smoking it in public since Amendment 64 was passed by voters. [Read more…]

Colorado Pot Businesses: We’re Going to Run Out of Weed

COLORADO: On New Year’s Day, some Colorado marijuana dispensaries are set to become the first in the nation to legally sell weed for recreational use.

But it hasn’t been a ride on Easy Street. In addition to trying to clear the hoop maze of local and state licensing issues in time for Jan. 1, local potpreneurs in the Centennial State say a cannabis shortage could strike within a week’s time after opening for business.

Medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2010, and The Denver Post reported earlier this year that there are just under 700 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, which require customers to have a red card, given to them by a physician, in order to purchase weed. According to the Associated Press, only 160 of those stores have applied to sell recreational pot, which they can only sell to adults over 21 during mandated hours of business. (Which means there will be no late-night stops at the pot shop.)

Those working to comply with regulations and open for recreational sales in 2014 say demand is going to quickly outstrip supply.

“We are definitely going to run out of cannabis. The question is when,” says Denver’s Discreet Dispensary owner Toni Fox, who expects to be cleared to open on Jan. 1 and estimates her shelves will be cleaned out by Jan. 6.


Legal Weed Sales Will Be Spotty In Colorado

COLORADO:  Legal marijuana sales in Colorado are set to start on Jan. 1, or so the law says. Knowing when the recreational pot shops will actually open, however, is anyone’s guess.

The state’s 160 hopeful pot shops are so mired in red tape and confusion that no one knows yet when or if they’ll be allowed to open. Not a single shop will clear state and local licensing requirements until about Dec. 27.

“There’s a perception that come Jan. 1, Colorado’s going to be like Wal-Mart on Black Friday, people pouring through the doors. Not going to happen,” said Mike Elliott, spokesman for the state’s Medical Marijuana Industry Group.

Even as so-called ganjapreneurs are expanding operations, pouring concrete and planning tentative grand openings, they’re still navigating a maze of regulations. Many of the applicants are still waiting on inspections, local zoning hearings and background checks before finding out whether they’ve been approved to open their doors to adults over 21.

“There might be a lot of disappointed people on New Year’s Day,” Elliott said.

Here's How Many Pot Shops Will Open In Denver After Weed Is Legal

COLORADO:  As few as five to ten Denver-area pot shops may be allowed to start selling recreational weed when Colorado’s landmark law goes into effect on January 1, despite more than 100 businesses waiting for approval from the city.

Dispensary owners say they’re facing delays that could prevent a vast majority of shops from being able to sell retail marijuana to adults 21-and-over come the new year.

“It has been very frustrating from a multitude of angles working with Denver City and County, the various departments within the government,” Toni Fox, owner of 3D Cannabis Center in Denver, told The Huffington Post. “Right now what’s happening is there are a few of us that have had all of our T’s crossed and I’s dotted since day one and we’re ready, but there’s just this delay.” [Read more…]

Mountlake Terrace City Council Approves Ordinances Governing Marijuana Retail Businesses

WASHINGTON: By a 5-1 vote, the Mountlake Terrace City Council approved two ordinances on Monday that apply to any potential recreational marijuana retail businesses that may want to set up shop in the city. One ordinance requires a marijuana business to obtain a city business license, while the other sets zoning regulations that would limit the city to just one retail marijuana business and to where such an establishment could be located.

The only objecting vote cast to the two ordinances was by council member Bryan Wahl; Mayor Pro Tem Laura Sonmore was not present at the Nov. 18 council meeting.

The two city ordinances closely mirror state rules for retail marijuana businesses established by the Washington State Liquor Control Board in October. [Read more…]

Basalt Colorado To Lift Medical Marijuana Ban

COLORADO: The Town of Basalt is poised to repeal its 2-year-old moratorium on medical marijuana businesses, while keeping a 1-year-old stay on recreational pot shops in place for six more months while it drafts rules to govern that industry.

At a special meeting Tuesday night, the council decided unanimously that it was high time to lift the ban on the medical industry, albeit in a limited way.

In a unanimous vote, the seven-member body directed town staff to update Basalt’s medical marijuana code by Dec. 10, meaning it could be approved — and the moratorium lifted — before the end of the year.  [Read more…]

Larimer County Planners Give Initial OK To Retail Marijuana Rules

COLORADO: At a meeting Monday night, the Larimer County Planning Commission unanimously approved recommendations on two resolutions regulating strict licensure and land use codes for marijuana retail establishments. [Read more…]