Pot-Infused Jewish Foods Bing Readied For Colorado Cannabis Shops

COLORADO: In recent years, marijuana has undergone a serious image overhaul, leading to, among other things, its legalization in several states. With pot no longer relegated to back alley use, shouldn’t marijuana edibles get an upgrade too? Do you really always want a brownie or candy bar? Why not release an entire line of savory pot-packed food?

Grub Street recently spoke to Josh Pollack, who has been working to bring marijuana-infused lox to the market in Colorado. He originally created the buzz-inducing salmon for a 4/20 stunt at the Denver restaurant he owns, Rosenberg’s Bagels. After receiving an enthusiastic response, he decided to focus more seriously on marijuana-infused Jewish foods.

But thanks to new laws intended to make edibles safer, Pollack has had a bit of trouble getting into pot shops. All edibles have to be packaged into specific THC servings, and for salmon, potency has been an inexact science.

Getting High Safely: Aspen Launches Marijuana Education Campaign

COLORADO: The state government and the marijuana industry in Colorado are working to educate people about how to use pot safely. But in the high Rockies, one community is taking matters into its own hands.

The local sheriff in Aspen is leading an education effort that targets skiers and snowboarders flocking to the winter resort. And the sheriff isn’t waiting until visitors hit the slopes — their education starts at the airport with pamphlets on marijuana.

“It’s the brochure rack, and it has information on everything from trails on the ski areas to a day at the Aspen Club and, now, the local guide to retail marijuana,” says Pat Bingham, a spokesperson for the airport.

She says the brochure on legalized pot isn’t all that popular.

Officials in Aspen have put out a brochure on how to use marijuana safely and legally.

Marci Krivonen

“We haven’t had to refill this thing, I don’t think, once yet, but our busy season is yet to come,” she says.

Colorado Issues First Licenses For Recreational Marijuana Businesses

COLORADO: Colorado on Monday became the first U.S. state to issue special licenses for recreational marijuana businesses.

After weeks of scrutiny of applications, officials at the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division slipped 348 approved licenses into the mail and sent them out to hundreds of stores, products-makers and cultivation facilities. Those businesses could begin producing and selling marijuana to anyone over 21 on Jan. 1, assuming the businesses also have the approval of their local governments. [Read more…]