Colorado Slows Medical Marijuana Crackdown

COLORADO: Colorado appears to be giving up on its effort to crack down on medical marijuana growers who are using a legal loophole to grow high numbers of pot plants without the kind of oversight faced by commercial growers.

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment said in a statement Monday that it was reviewing responses to letters it sent earlier this month to about 2,300 doctors who have recommended medical marijuana. The letters sought medical justification for recommending more than six plants to any patient.

Colorado’s state constitution allows medical marijuana patients up to six plants, though doctors can give permission for more plants. The constitution also allows patients to designate a “caregiver” to grow the pot on their behalf. Colorado has about 3,300 designated caregivers, registered under a model that wasn’t affected by the passage of recreational pot in 2012.

Marijuana Loophole In Colorado Under Scrutiny

COLORADO: Colorado lawmakers are debating whether they should close a loophole in the state’s marijuana laws that could allow pot growers to pay far less in taxes by registering as the medical marijuana caregivers.

Colorado’s chief medical officer and the head of the agency that regulates marijuana businesses asked a panel of legislators Tuesday to examine the laws that regulate pot suppliers who provide the drug to people on the medical registry. [Read more…]

Targeted Colombian Marijuana Businessman Spoke Before Denver City Council

COLORADO:  , one of the targets in a federal raid last week on Denver-area marijuana businesses, spoke to the  during a public hearing in September about marijuana regulations.

Uribe told the council he owns seven dispensaries in Denver, eight grows and a manufacturing business with 160 employees and wanted help in getting licensed. He told the council he had applied for a license a year ago and hadn’t seen any resolution.

Uribe is connected to VIP Cannabis, which was raided Thursday by agents with the U.S. Dept. of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service. Sources told The Denver Post that the raids are focused on possible connections the business has with a Colombian drug cartel. [Read more…]

Feds Raid Denver-Area Marijuana Dispensaries And Grow Operations

COLORADO: Federal authorities Thursday morning were executing search and seizure warrants at multiple Denver-area medical marijuana facilities, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The raids are occurring at both medical marijuana dispensaries and at warehouses where pot is grown.

At one raid in Boulder, a pile of seized marijuana lay in the snow like Christmas trees until a front-end loader scooped it up. At the VIP Cannabis dispensary in Denver, broken glass from a shattered front window littered the parking lot while agents hauled boxes of evidence into a U-Haul truck. Police turned customers away. [Read more…]