Albany, Oregon Considers Permanent Ban On Recreational Marijuana

OREGON: Albany City Council members may not be not averse to pursing a permanent ban on recreational marijuana. The council on Wednesday voted to ban temporary sales of recreational pot at medical dispensaries, with two of six councilors, Ray Kopczynski and Dick Olsen, dissenting. The vote could be a harbinger of greater plans to ban the drug permanently. “My gut feeling Read the full article…

With Colorado Marijuana Rules Mostly Written, Uncertainty Still Looms

COLORADO: Leaf Aspen medical marijuana dispensary co-owner Jesse Miller is following state and local jurisdiction lawmakers closely this year. He, like every other marijuana business owner in the state, could easily miss an important detail if he stops paying attention even for a day.

In Colorado, Marijuana Sales Banned In Far More Places Than They're Allowed

COLORADO: Yesterday marked the deadline for Colorado’s 271 cities and towns and 64 counties to decide whether they want to ban recreational cannabis businesses and sales — and it is starting to look like Denver will be ganja ground zero.