Who’s Minding The Marijuana? Banned Pesticide Found In Colorado Testing

COLORADO: It’s been nearly two years since recreational pot was legalized in Colorado and the thriving pot industry has hit some hurdles in the form of potential dangers to consumers.

Pesticides that are illegal to use on marijuana plants in Colorado are being found in some recreational and medical pot products being marketed and sold to the public — leading to product recalls, plant quarantines and even a class-action lawsuit involving people who say they would not have inhaled the product had they known illegal pesticides were used on them.

Pesticide testing is not mandatory for pot businesses in Colorado, nor are they subject to random pesticide testing, as are other crops, according to Mitch Yergert of the state’s agriculture department. Pot businesses generally are left to self-regulate pesticides use, though officials say they are working to come up with a plan for better oversight.

Colorado Gov Now Says Legalizing Marijuana Helps State’s Fiscal Health

COLORADO: Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper seems to be softening his anti-pot stance.

The Democratic governor recently told Fox Business Network that the issue is “not as vexing” as he feared it would be, and partly ties Colorado’s strong fiscal health to the popularity and economic opportunities connected with the legal pot industry.

“It’s all those young people coming and they look at marijuana and say, ‘hey, we can drink whiskey, why can’t we have a legalized system with marijuana?’” he said on FBN.

He added, “If you look back, it has turned out to be not as vexing as some of the people like myself” initially anticipated it would be.


Pot Growers Are Snatching Up Warehouse Space In Denver

COLORADO:  Industrial warehouse space in Denver is suddenly a hot commodity in short supply, as the city’s marijuana farmers look for grow space to help meet the surge in demand for legal recreational pot.

Warehouse space in Denver is now leasing for up to four times the rate it went for before medical marijuana first sent legal pot sales climbing in 2009, the Denver Post reports. At 3.1 percent, the city’s industrial vacancy rate is the lowest it has been in decades.

Denver’s warehouse rush is likely to only intensify, as pot farmers scramble to meet demand that has already stressed the available supply of above-board product since recreational pot became legal in Colorado on Jan. 1. Officials announced this week that the state has already collected $2 million in taxes on $14 million in total recreational pot sales in 2014.


Colorado's Recreational Marijuana Stores Make History

COLORADO:  Those craving a quick high can now stroll into a Colorado shop and buy marijuana for recreational use, legally.

The state made history Wednesday as the first one nationwide to allow special stores to sell marijuana for recreational purposes to anyone 21 and older.

As the rest of the nation ushered in the New Year, Colorado had another reason to celebrate: the so-called Green Wednesday.

“Prohibition is over,” blared a flier for New Year’s Eve festivities at Casselman’s Bar in Denver. “Celebrate Cannabis freedom in style.” [Read more…]

Banks To Get Guidance On Doing Business With Legal Weed Shops

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Banks, worried about running afoul of federal money-laundering law in dealing with state-authorized marijuana businesses, may soon receive some much-needed guidance from U.S. agencies.

Because a federal prohibition of marijuana is still in place, most banks do not work with marijuana businesses in states that have legalized them for fear they might be charged with money laundering or failing to comply with other federal laws.

The U.S. Treasury Department plans to discuss with banks and other regulators how the federal enforcement stance regarding state-authorized marijuana business could affect the banking industry. [Read more…]

New Denver-Based Website Called ‘Groupon’ Of Marijuana

COLORADO: A new website is being called the “Groupon” of marijuana because it offers deals on the drug. It’s based in Denver and its operators are banking on the popularity of marijuana.

How popular is pot?

Just ask Neal Bigelow. “Even with ourselves growing it at a 10,000 square foot warehouse it’s hard to keep up with that demand.” [Read more…]