Number Of Children On Medical Marijuana Patient Registry Surges In Colorado

COLORADO: After nearly doubling earlier in the year, the number of minors on Colorado’s medical marijuana patient registry surged again in September, with the addition of 30 more patients bringing the total number of children registered to 90.

That’s according to the most recent data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which oversees the state’s medical marijuana registry program. It’s the single largest increase of kids with parental approval on the marijuana registry this year. The last update in August showed 60 children on the the registry and generally hovered between 30-40 all year. In March and April, the registry saw its lowest number of minors; but it never dropped below 35 in 2013.

Families with children in need of medical marijuana have made headlines all year for uprooting their families from other states and coming to Colorado to take advantage of the expansive medical marijuana laws. [Read more…]