Colorado Legal Cannabis By The Numbers 2/2020

COLORADO: Just how big is Colorado’s legal cannabis business?  Here are the official MED numbers, as of February, 2020.

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Medical Marijuana Business License Numbers:

  • 435 Centers
  • 462 Cultivations
  • 216 Infused Product Manufacturers
  • 11 Testing Facilities
  • 7 Operators
  • 7 Transporters
  • 1 Research and Development and Research Cultivation

 Retail Marijuana Businesses License Numbers:

  • 575 Stores
  • 680 Cultivations
  • 282 Product Manufacturers
  • 13 Testing Facilities
  •  9 Operators
  • 10 Transporters

Individual Licensees:

  • 1,712 Owners Licensees
  • 40,168 Employee Licensees


Welcome to Weedstock

COLORADO:  At the after-party for the National Cannabis Summit — an annual conference thick with entrepreneurs and business people, held in the bowels of the Sheraton in downtown Denver — eight of us attendees boogied alongside one of the more engaging speakers, the medical researcher Dr. Suzanne Sisley, who wore throughout the party a towering, purple velvet Mad Hatter’s hat. Remembering that in her speech she had said, “I’ve never tried marijuana in any form,” I wanted to whisper in her ear, “But your millinery tells a different story.”

Outside in a cordoned-off area of a parking lot at the marijuana growers’ supply warehouse where the party was held, hundreds of attendees were smoking and vaping. The conference’s essential leitmotifs — self-promotion and schmoozing — reasserted themselves.

A man who had spent a good part of the conference selling his outhouse-size turbine (to help marijuana growers “get off the grid”) was pitching it to anyone within earshot; another guest’s party banter ran, “The five reasons to consider a pen vape are high quality, safety, consistency, discretion, and … I can’t remember the fifth reason.” Then he picked up a glossy promotional card listing these five reasons and told me: “Oh, and purity. Purity’s important.” Dude.

Denver Issues Two More Recalls Of Pot Containing Unapproved Pesticides

COLORADO: Owners of two Denver marijuana growing facilities on Friday said they were voluntarily recalling their products after city health officials learned tests found unapproved pesticides.

The recall of an undisclosed amount of plants and edible products is the second issued by the Denver Department of Environmental Health in just over a week, underscoring the city’s enforcement efforts on companies allegedly using disallowed chemicals.

Department officials said retailers should either destroy the recalled products or return them to the manufacturer. Consumers who have the products should return them to the store of purchase or dispose of them.