Up In Smoke: New Oregon Law Closing ‘Cannabis Cafes’

With this new law, marijuana lounges, of which only a handful exist, are not allowed in the state of Oregon.

OREGON: As of Jan. 1. the World Famous Cannabis Cafe in Portland is being forced to close, as state lawmakers have broadened the state’s clean indoor air regulations to include marijuana. Within House Bill 2546, lawmakers defined what they mean by “inhalant.” By law an Inhalant means:  “Nicotine, a cannabinoid or any other substance that’s inhaled Read the full article…

Medical Marijuana Shops Look To 'Color Inside The Lines'

Rachel Schaefer of Denver smokes marijuana at Club 64, a marijuana-specific social club in Denver.

MONTANA: Medical marijuana businesses worried that federal agents will close them down now have a road map to avoid prosecution, courtesy of the Justice Department’s decision to allow legal pot in Colorado and Washington state.