Anti-Marijuana Vote Leads To Recall Hearing

MISSOURI:  Columbia, Missouri may very well be seeing the first politician to have their office challenged for being against marijuana reform. Officials have certified that a petition to recall First Ward Columbia City Councilwoman Ginny Chadwick has enough signatures to go before the city council. Her term only started in April.

The reason a new councilwoman would be recalled after such a short time? She voted against a marijuana reform bill.

Not only did Chadwick initially promise to support decriminalizing cultivation during her campaign, she specifically endorsed the bill she voted against. In a 4-3 vote a proposal to decriminalize the cultivation of up to 2 plants lost. Had she voted the way she had promised the proposal would have passed.

In the very recent past a politician would not have had to worry about an anti-marijuana vote tarnishing their career. But times, they are-uh changin’.