Green Flower Media Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit Is May 21-22

CALIFORNIA: Green Flower Media has tapped 30 successful cannabis entrepreneurs, experts, and investors for its Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit, scheduled to take place online on May 21-22, 2016.

Green Flower’s Max Simon expects more than 15,000 people to log into the free seminar, which will be live-streamed to a global audience in real time.

Expert Talks include:

  • Steve DeAngelo, Harborside Health Center – “The Future Of Cannabis”
  • Emily Paxhia, Poseidon Asset Management – “5 Crucial Investment Lessons From One Of The Most Prolific Cannabis Investors In The World.”
  • Kris Krane, 4front Advisors – “Discover the exciting licensing opportunities in emerging cannabis markets.”
  • Francis Priznar, ArcView Group – “Designing your perfect pitch – Hitting notes cannabis investors need to hear.”
  • Reggie Gaudino, Steep Hill – “How to protect yourself and cannabis from the inevitable entry of big pharma and big agriculture.”
  • Patrick Rea  ,Canopy Boulder – “How to find your unique niche in the cannabis industry.”
  • Julianna Carella, Auntie Dolores / Treatibles – “How to build a cannabis products company the right way.”
  • Aeron Sullivan, Tradiv – “How to open up more and better distribution channels for your cannabis products.”
  • Luke Stanton, Frontera Law – “How to avoid the most costly legal mistakes that happen every day in cannabis business.”
  • Meg Sanders, Mindful – “Why it’s the right time for entrepreneurs and executives to enter the cannabis industry now.”
  • David Drake, Cannabis Reports – “The technology and software you need to run a highly efficient and compliant cannabis business.”
  • Roy Bingham, BDS analytics – “The data about what cannabis consumers are actually buying at dispensaries.”
  • Amy Pointsett, MJ Freeway – “Better, faster, easier ways to operate a fully compliant cannabis company.”
  • Scott Greiper, Viridian capital – “Follow the money: The 12 sectors of the cannabis industry where investment dollars are going.”
  • Chuck Rifici, Nesta Co. – “Business lessons learned from one of the world’s largest cannabis cultivators.”
  • Paul Benhaim, Elixinol – “The wide-open business opportunities in Hemp.”
  • Max Mantrose, Trichome Institute – “Budtenders: 7 things they should know about patient care and cannabis products but often don’t.”

The complete list of speakers and topics can be found here: