Marijuana Revenue Difficult To Track In Aspen

COLORADO:  Which of these is not like the others? Spas, health products, beauty supplies and marijuana.

Up to this point, the city of Aspen has included marijuana in its health and beauty tax category, but starting with the June sales tax report, it will be reallocated into a liquor and marijuana category, according to Finance Department’s Chris Lundgren.

Sales tax information on marijuana has become increasingly relevant in the past six months, as the rest of the country watches Colorado collect revenue on the recently legalized plant. Though early projections showed Colorado pulling in nearly $35 million from recreational marijuana taxes for the first six months of 2014, the state has only collected $14.7 million through May, according to The Denver Post.

In Aspen, numbers are somewhat ambiguous. Because there are so few shops, state and local governments are legally bound to withhold certain information so that proprietary data is not compromised.