Most Popular Glassware For 2019

Glassware is a staple in every modern day smoker’s arsenal. From one-hitters to chillums and ornate bongs, we all have our favorite smoking devices. With so many choices, how is a toker to make the right selection?  Here to provide a snapshot of what’s hot in 2019 is our look at the most popular glassware for 2019.



What is a Bubbler?

A bubbler is similar to the bongs we all know and love. It is a water pipe, yet different in a few key ways. Bubblers feature a stem, bowl, mouthpiece, and a chamber that holds the water. Much like a traditional bong, the water acts to filter and cool the smoke, creating a smoother hit for the user. The biggest benefit of a bubbler is that it’s portable (basically a mini bong) that you can take on the go, yet still get the experience of smoking a regular bong.

Popular bubblers and styles in 2019:

  • Sherlock bubblers resemble the tobacco pipe that the classic Sherlock held. These stately pieces come in a variety of colors and designs.
  • There are cute bubblers featuring fun designs like a sea turtle or a commando tank.
  • Bubblers vary widely in shape, size, and color, allowing you to customize your own smoking experience.

The air chamber in a bubbler allows the smoke to cool as it passes over the water, reducing the harshness.

color changing pipeGlass Pipes

Glass pipes come in about as many styles, shapes and designs as you can dream up, making them a classic yet also contemporary addition to any smoker’s accessories.

For example, glass pipes made by Hemper provide fashionable one-hitters to help you express your personality while allowing for portability on the go.

mini peanut pipeSome popular options include:

  • A Double-Scoop Ice Cream hand pipe – This pipe allows you to put a different herb in each pipe or double up on your favorite flavor.
  • Lunar or Diamond pipes – These themed funnels intensify your draw for more powerful hits.
  • Mini Peanut Pipe – This is a classic bowl selection for any smoker.
  • Silicone Ice Cream pipes – A piece from one of Hemper’s collaborative lines, these pipes are made from Food & Medical Grade Silicone. They are easy to clean and hard to destroy.
  • Candy Cane Sherlock pipe – This pipe brings a festive spirit to your holiday smoke sessions.
  • Color Changing pipe – Hemper continues to show its innovative spirit with this pipe that changes from translucent colors to rich ones as you continually use your pipe.

candy cane pipe

Find your Perfect Glassware for 2019

2019 has been a year full of surprises. Why not give yourself one more surprise with some new glassware. No matter the occasion, adding unique and stylish glassware to your collection can lift anyone’s spirits.

lunar pipe

From portable yet performance-minded bubblers, to stylish Sherlock showpieces, there’s literally something for everyone and every occasion on the market. Find your special glassware today and let us know how you enjoyed your session.

Fun With Fire: Blowing Glass At The Champs Trade Show In Las Vegas

NEVADA: Every cannabis connoisseur appreciates the value of good glassware.  Whether you were looking for classic beaker bongs, fancy bubblers, chillums, stones,  spoons, steamrollers, Gandolfs or Sherlocks — The Champs Show in Las Vegas had just the right pipe, plus lots of rolling papers, hemp wraps, rolling trays, vapes and novelties.

Ryan Salem Smoke House Distribution

Ryan Salem Smoke House Distribution

Fun with fire.  The highlight of the event for this reporter was the live glassblowing happening in workstations located throughout the vast Las Vegas Convention Center floor.  There is just something awesome about watching these talented folks spin their magic creations from the flames.

Here are just a few of the featured artists showing off their glass blowing chops, captured by Marijuana Channel One:





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