Infant Removed From Michigan Home, Parents Over Medical Marijuana

“The state of Michigan appears to be stooping to an all-time low in an effort to remove children from their home and loving parents.”

MICHIGAN: Medical marijuana dispensaries have been raided and shuttered with such regularity in recent years that they spark only the occasional protest. But when Michigan’s Children’s Protective Services took 6-month-old Brielle “Bree” Green from her parents because her mother is a medical marijuana caregiver, activists sprang into action.

Children Taken from Medical Marijuana-Prescribed Parents in California

News of the lawsuit against Coronado and its officers comes days after a 2-year-old Texas girl died while in the custody of a foster mom who was put in charge of the child because her parents admitted to smoking pot. The foster mother, 54-year-old Sherill Small, has since been charged in the murder of Alexandria Hill.

CALIFORNIA: A family from southern California is suing the City of Coronado after their children were taken away for nearly a year because the father admitted to legally smoking medical marijuana. According to legal filings obtained this week by the Courthouse News Service, Michael Lewis and Lauren Taylor have filed a lawsuit against Coronado, CA, San Read the full article…