Marijuana Industry Advocates Find GOP’s Lack Of Pot Talk A Major Bummer

COLORADO: With the third GOP primary debate in pot-friendly Boulder, Colo., there was some expectation the booming marijuana industry would be a hot topic of conversation. Instead the sector was addressed in a quick-hit jocular manner then dismissed and disparaged.

Ganjapreneurs looking for a Rocky Mountain high for their business efforts found instead an aloof circle of candidates generally unwilling to offer an opinion on pot.

After sparring with Carl Quintanilla, Sen. Ted Cruz tried to chill out with a light-hearted invitation.

“I’ll buy you a tequila,” he said. “Or even some famous Colorado brownies.”

Gov. John Kasich dismissed the marijuana industry as a possible revenue stream to enhance the economy and spoke of the evils of drugs.


Pro-Marijuana Group Rereleases Republicans’ Ratings Before Debate in Colorado

COLORADO: At a Republican presidential debate hosted in Colorado, one issue is destined to come up: pot.

Colorado’s experiment with legalized marijuana remains a hot topic as the next election approaches, and for many Republicans, the subject requires a balancing act between wanting to protect individual and state rights without seeming to condone people getting high.

In that spirit, the Marijuana Policy Project, an advocacy group for the legal marijuana industry, has dusted off its scorecard of where the candidates stand on the issue.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is expected to get the most cheers from the legalization crowd, as he gets an A-minus grade from the group because of his calls to decriminalize recreational use and his desire for states to decide their own marijuana laws.

Despite New Co-Sponsor, No Vote Likely For Pa. Medical Marijuana Bill

PENNSYLVANIA:  A suburban state senator says he now has bi-partisan support for legislation to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. But don’t look for a bill on the governor’s desk anytime soon.

Democratic state Senator Daylin Leach – who’s also running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 13th district – has long been a champion of legalizing marijuana. But this time, he says he’s picked up a Republican Senator who will co-sponsor his legislation to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Leach says it’s the first time such legislation has been introduced in the state Senate with bi-partisan support. [Read more…]