Charlotte’s Web rewrite goes public Tuesday

FLORIDA:  Florida Department of Health officials will reveal their plans for a medicinal marijuana industry  Tuesday at a rule development workshop. The department’s first set of rules to implement the state’s Charlotte’s Web law was thrown out in November by an administrative law judge.

DOH officials have been silent about how they intend to resolve the legal problems Judge David W Watkins identified in the department’s first attempt to construct a regulatory framework to sell cannabis oil to epilepsy and other neurological patients.

“The Department of Health will consider all options that will most expeditiously get this product to market to help families facing serious illnesses” has been the mantra for DOH communication director Nathan Dunn since the Nov. 14 ruling.

The workshop is scheduled for Tuesday at DOH’s Orange County office, 6101 Lake Ellenor Drive in Orlando. The agenda includes statutory and final order impacts on rulemaking.