Pot-Enhanced Art Classes At Aspen Jewish Center Canceled

COLORADO:  A series of marijuana-inspired art classes set to take place at a Jewish center in Aspen were canceled a day after they were announced, the Aspen Daily News reported on Friday.

Suzanne Horwich, director of arts programs at the Chabad Jewish Community Center on Main Street, told The Aspen Times the idea was approved by the center’s lawyer and local law enforcement. The painting classes, called “Art with Mary Jane,” invited the public to bring their own cannabis to smoke and eat during the lessons. It was restricted for adults 21 and older and would have been taught by local artists.

Announcement of the classes shocked Debbie Quinn, assistant city attorney. She said, “That was a surprise to us.”

Smoking marijuana for recreational purposes was legalized  in Aspen last year, but Quinn noted that Aspen’s municipal code forbids any club or business from allowing marijuana consumption on its property.