Chong’s Choice Colorado: Premium Quality, No Mark Up

COLORADO: Chong’s Choice is the only celebrity brand to be offered without an exorbitant mark up in price. A Marijuana Business Daily report, released in December 2016, found that of the three major celebrity cannabis brands available in the U.S. (Leafs by Snoop, Willie’s Reserve, and Chong’s Choice), Chong’s Choice was offered with the least amount of mark up.

The average markup of a celebrity-branded strain versus its unbranded counterpart was found to be approximately 24%—approximately $5-$10 more per eighth. The price of a Chong’s Choice Colorado strain was virtually the same as the unbranded version of the same strain of marijuana, meaning there is little to no mark up in price.

While other celebrity cannabis brands have spent resources on expensive packaging, an expense that often gets passed on to the consumer, Chong’s Choice focuses on the quality of the product.

“We wanted to offer the best possible product at the most reasonable price,” says LeVon Terry, Director of Sales at Sherpa Supply, Chong’s Choice Colorado brand manager and operations partner.

Still, Chong’s Choice has managed to incorporate marketing into their product. Fans of Chong’s Choice can find branded gear at, and pre-rolls come stamped with the face of Tommy Chong. “We want consumers to have fun with the brand and receive top-notch product, but we don’t want to charge them a premium for packaging,” Terry says. Consumers will soon be able to purchase branded, commemorative stash jars to store their flower.

“I am not in this for the money,” Tommy Chong said at the packed November 10th launch party for Chong’s Choice Colorado, “I just want to make the best cannabis available to the most amount of people.”