CCI Schools Florida On Marijuana 101

FLORIDA: “Synergy” isn’t a word that often comes up when the peace-pipe is being passed around. But that was the focus of a medicinal marijuana seminar Saturday.

The sound of steel drums of reggae music coming from the overhead speakers in Edgewater Beach Resort’s conference room was only a coincidence. Those who showed up for Cannabis Career Institute’s (CCI) first seminar on the numerous business opportunities in the field of medicinal marijuana were lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs and investors — serious people — looking to get an introductory course into the “canna-biz.”

“This is Business 101, plus cannabis,” said Robert Calkin, founder of CCI and a former instructor at the California pot college Oaksterdam University. “Once you can do this legally, they still need to know how to start the business, market it and succeed. It’s the nuts and bolts of the cannabis business.”