How CBD Took The Mainstream Marketplace By Storm

Guest Column by Elliot Cornish

A few years ago, you’d have been hard pressed to find even a cannabis user who could tell you much about cannabidiol (CBD), but times have changed. The CBD industry is set to be worth more than $5 billion by 2020, according to the latest research from New Frontier Data.

For a long time, cannabis growers actively tried to reduce the CBD content in strains as much as possible, in order to satiate the huge recreational demand for THC-rich cannabis. Today CBD is overshadowing demand from “recreational marijuana” consumers, taking the mainstream marketplace by storm.  In this article, we are going to look at the reasons behind the newfound popularity of CBD, and why this cannabis derivative enjoys a unique legal status.

CBD is non-psychoactive

By far the most attractive quality of CBD for the general consumer market is that it’s non-psychoactive. Users can take CBD without worrying that they will get “high” or suffer any short-term physical or mental impairment. Moreover, the long-term risks of taking CBD are also minimal, with none of the memory or motivation loss that is sometimes associated with regular cannabis use.

CBD can be used to enhance general health, and also as a natural solution for many conditions, which we will explore later.

Legal CBD is made from hemp

In states where cannabis is fully legal, you may come across CBD products made from regular cannabis, however CBD products found anywhere else will be made from hemp.

Hemp is a type of cannabis sativa, cultivated to produce high amounts of CBD, but critically just traces of psychotropic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is why hemp extracts are used to make CBD products.

In the United States, federal law still classifies cannabis and cannabinoids as Schedule I under the Controlled Substances Act. The recently passed Farm Bill has granted an exception in the case of hemp products.   Hemp-derived CBD is legal to make, possess, sell and consume, as long as the overall product has less than 0.3 percent THC.  In the United Kingdom, the legal THC limit is set at just 0.2 percent, whereas in Switzerland it is a smidge higher at 1 percent.

This legislation has carved out a legal market for CBD-isolate products, which are made just with CBD, and for full-spectrum CBD, which is made with the entire hemp plant extract for extra therapeutic effects, but is still non-intoxicating.

Changing perceptions toward cannabis

While hemp CBD products are significantly different to standard cannabis, and not affected by the relaxation of laws around the herb, there has been a positive knock-on effect for these products, thanks to the positive publicity for marijuana in general.

A recent Gallup poll found that two of every three Americans are now in favor of full legalization of cannabis, more than double what it was in 2000. And a survey of CBD users released in 2018 found that nearly half of the people using the plant were not regular cannabis users, and that almost 40 percent were taking it for non-medicinal reasons.

An introduction to CBD’s benefits

The benefits of CBD are mostly conserved to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which the cannabinoid works to regulate. A finely balanced ECS promotes good immune system health, a regulated mood and appetite, healthy bones, good cognition and strong reproductive health.

CBD is an antagonist of the main two cannabinoid receptors, and also the GPR55 receptor, which is sometimes referred to as the third cannabinoid receptor. That CBD inhibits activity at these receptors does not mean it is ineffective. In fact, suppressing the CB1 receptor helps with keeping a balanced mood.

CBD also boosts the availability of anandamide, an endocannabinoid, by stopping its reuptake at the FAAH enzyme. Anandamide is a CB1 and CB2 receptor agonist, and is considered a natural – although much weaker – THC because it reacts with the body similarly. Anandamide binding to the CB1 receptor may help with cognition, improving mood and lowering pain perception. Meanwhile, binding to the CB2 receptor is key to reducing inflammation, in the brain, skin and throughout the body.

Final thoughts

CBD users have fantastic choices nowadays, from CBD vape oil wholesale products, to tincture oils, concentrates, creams, edibles and more. And as the industry gets even bigger going forward, we should be graced with even more innovative options. 

Hot Juice Review For CBD Vape Juice and eLiquid — Flavors That Tantalize

Hot Juice Review for CBD Vape Juice and eLiquid — Flavors that Tantalize

Okay, so right out of the gate, I want to say I love this stuff. Normally, I don’t do this until the end, but I’ve literally vaped through every bottle of Hot Juice I had in no time at all. Before jumping into my Hot Juice cbd vape liquid review, I want to say that I was a dedicated vaper but hadn’t really been sold on the whole CBD thing yet.

Hot Juice has been a pivotal part of the vaping world for over ten years, at least the folks that work there have. I myself have been vaping a long time and remember all the products they worked on. Bear in mind, this was early in the development of vaping as we know it, but my memory of enjoying those products gave me confidence to try their e liquid for this Hot Juice review.

Now I fully expected a well-crafted product that weighed in similarly to the best e-juice brands, what I didn’t expect was to be so incredibly surprised by the quality and output of every consistent puff. I gave a range of their tasty cereal flavored e-liquid and cannabidiol ejuice a thorough testing to find out how it measured up to the competition.

Vaping Made Better — Hot Juice Review for CBD Vape Juice and eLiquid

With a full range of flavor options numbering in the high 50s so far, and promise for more in the near future, our Hot Juice review for their eliquid definitely got a solid sampling for what flavors like their menthol cherry e juice had packed into these little bottles. In addition to their fruity flavored vape juice varieties, they have an unbelievable selection of coffee, dessert, beverage, candy, cereal, menthol, nut & spice and tobacco flavored e juice for users to choose from. As a result, they offer what is simply just the first component of what may be the most customizable gourmet e liquid in the industry. Not only can you select your preferred nicotine level in 3mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg or non nicotine vape, but users can choose their desired VG/PG ratio for each bottle which is an aspect you rarely see from a top vape juice brand offering such a high quality product.

Let me put it this way, if you’re looking for Hot Juice in your local vape shop, settle your eyes on the top shelf, if it ain’t there, they don’t sell it. I’ve been to shops where the owner offers to add nicotine or flavoring from a suspect bottle they keep in the back, Hot Juice is next level. They offer custom bottles of premium e juice made just for you as soon as you submit your order. Although there is a great deal of chatter online about “steeping” e liquid, bear in mind, rarely do the bigger vape companies offer a time frame for how long they let their products sit on a shelf for them to be considered “pre-steeped vape juice”. On the other hand, knowing that you are getting a freshly brewed bottle direct from the manufacturer gives you a starting point to know exactly how long it’s been steeped or to begin the steeping process yourself at home to your own personal preference.

This adds another level of trust and quality to the Hot Juice review credibility putting the knowledge and power in the hands of the vapers who can use it as they desire, rather than simply attaching buzz words to a product without any further information. With that in mind, I particularly enjoyed the cereal vape juice flavors they offer as they are all based on existing products I’m familiar with and have enjoyed in the past. Although I didn’t steep them and simply vaped them right out of the package, I can report that tastes like Bam Bam Crunch, Tricks and Crunch Master performed exactly as I imagined they should flavor-wise.

Understand, I have a unique flavor memory, for instance, even though I haven’t eaten MacDonald’s in a long time, I can still remember what their breakfast sandwich tastes like as though I’d had one this morning. So in terms of vaping, it’s not as if they poured a bowl of cereal into my vape tank, but I remember what each flavor was like and how they differ to fully experience what’s being passed from my taste buds to my memory and the effect is unlike any other cereal vape I’ve had in the past.

Not Just A Flavored CBD eJuice

Another thing I had a great appreciation for throughout my Hot Juice Review was their ability to accurately mix up dosages of CBD in their vapor. Keep in mind, they didn’t just replace nicotine with cannabidiol and call it a day, it’s as if they completely redesigned their own fabulous vape juices to carry CBD in the most effective way that you can actually feel. I’ve tried a bunch of CBD things recently, including gummies and iced coffee, but nothing that really registered the way Hot Juice CBD did on a scale that I could put into words.

Their measured levels of 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 5000mg start higher than most of the competition and reach higher without getting you high, because there’s no THC!! It’s made from a 99% pure hemp-derived isolate, so it’s legal anywhere in America and it really does carry a relaxing effect with every successive draw. Now, it’s not cheap CBD eJuice, but just like anything, cheap things aren’t usually good and good thing aren’t usually cheap.

In the end, it’s about finding the right intersection of qualities you’re looking for in your next favorite vape product, whether its being able to customize parts of it, fast shipping, auto-delivery, or measure amounts of active compounds that you can trust to get you through your day, Hot Juice definitely has you covered and as a relentless skeptic, even I’m totally behind this company and what they’re offering.

Hot Juice Review Wrap Up

For a vape brand mostly known for their vape giveaways and weekly vape contests, it seems strange to say that their products are even more valuable to me. Truth is, they just make a really solid bottle of cereal flavored vape and when compared side by side to even my personal favorites, Hot Juice just runs away with the trophy. Just when I thought everyone was basically making the same stuff, these guys add their own personal tweeks to the quality and vapor output in a balanced formula that wowed me with every cloud.

Usually I’m a cloud guy, have been for a lot of years, but even their PG dominant e-liquids somehow satisfied me on a primal level. The clouds are still there, and they too are up to my own standard of vaping, but the flavor component is so overwhelmingly perfect, it’s like I’m tasting every flavor for the first time. If you’re ready to let these guys help to ignite your passion for what’s in your vaping future, grab a bottle of Hot Juice for instant proof.