Sproutly Signs LOI With Largest Caribbean Medical Cannabis Producer To Sell Infused Beverages And Oil

Global Canna Labs

CANADA: Sproutly Canada has entered into a letter of intent with Global Canna Labs Limited, the Caribbean’s largest medical cannabis producer, to establish a joint venture for the purpose of developing, producing, distributing, marketing and selling cannabis infused beverages, edibles and topical products derived from Sproutly’s fully licensed, APP Technology. “Partnering with Global Canna Labs on this Read the full article…

Caribbean Leaders to Debate Marijuana Legalization

ST VINCENT: Researchers with a Caribbean trade bloc have found that decriminalizing marijuana and exploring its use for medicinal purposes could help boost the region’s sluggish economy. Caricom leaders are expected to talk about the preliminary report in a two-day summit that begins Monday in St. Vincent. The report was released Friday to The Associated Read the full article…

Bermuda Govt Calls For Marijuana Decriminalization Consultation Paper

BERMUDA: During last week’s Throne Speech, the Bermuda Government announced they would “produce a public consultation paper on the decriminalization of marijuana and an examination of its wider uses.” The relevant portion of the Throne Speech said, “The time has come for leadership in the public debate on marijuana. “Therefore, in this Session, the Government will produce Read the full article…

Caribbean Countries Start Looking At Marijuana Legalization

Many tribes are carefully considering their approach to marijuana while other tribes are accepting advice from shysters who may be leading them down the garden path.

CARIBBEAN: The small economies of the Caribbean are beginning to examine the legalization, or at least the decriminalization, of the consumption and possession of marijuana, with Puerto Rico leading the pack now that next week the Senate will begin studying the issue.