OLCC Announces Commission Action On Rules April 2017

OREGON: At the April 28, 2017  meeting, OLCC Commissioners took final action on the following Oregon Administrative Rules

Procedures for Public Notice of License Applications (amend OAR 845-005-0306)

The purpose of this rule-making effort is to relieve the burden of licensees meeting with Inspectors to post a public notice. The amendments enable a licensee to do this on their own accord. During rule-making, staff heard from licensees and the City of Portland. Specifically, during the advisory committee on this issue, all in attendance were in support of the proposed changes. Staff did not receive any comments at the public hearing nor during the subsequent comment period.The Commission voted to approve the amendments to OAR 845-005-0306 effective May 1, 2017.

Bump-Up Canopy Package (amend OAR 845-025-1060 & Adopt 845-025-2500, 845-025-2510, 845-025-2520, 845-025-2530, 845-025-2540, 845-025-2550, 845-025-2560)

 The purpose of this rule making effort is to implement the requirements of SB 1511 to enable producers to grow a medically designated canopy space for recreational growers. During rule making, staff strived to strike a balance with various interests within the marijuana industry, medical patients, public safety interests and local government bodies. The key issues addressed by each of those factions were proposed limits of plants, medical canopy size, fees and procedures to transfer product to both patients and excess to dispensaries. The Commission voted to amend and adopt the following rules effective May 1, 2017:

For more information contact Bryant Haley: ph 503-872-5136; email bryant.haley@oregon.gov